Do you have time to read through these?

time_management_badge.jpgListed below are the most practical time management tips and techniques that some of our fellow bloggers use to continue to manage excellent blogs along with their usual life responsibilities. These tips were submitted to the Time Management Group Writing Project hosted by our very own, bright and talented Vivien from InspirationBit last month. For me, the real dilemma begins now ‘coz I’ve got to find time to read through these tips. If you missed participating in the project because you didn’t have the time, these tips will certainly provide some benefit.

  1. All For Time and Time For All: The 10 Commandments of Time Management by Simonne
  2. Lessons in Time Management by Em Dy
  3. Guru Natalie weighs in on Time Management by Natalie
  4. 9 Reasons to Wake Up Early by Y.Graf
  5. Time Management For Bloggers and Photographers by Brian
  6. Manage time by sorting your blog comments in 6 ways by Bes
  7. My Troubles With Time Management by Ronald
  8. It’s URGENT, Urgent I say… but is it? by Marques
  9. Time Management: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Jenny Mcb
  10. Time Management – Don’t put Everything off until later by TeaMouse
  11. 8 Work At Home Time Management Strategies by Char
  12. Time, Time, Time by WG
  13. Thoughts On Managing A Precious Resource by Ajay
  14. Time Management – tackling K2
  15. Time Management Tips for Using Email
  16. Stress Can Be Good by Lauren Mari
  17. Secrets To Successful Time Management by Gleb Reys
  18. 3 simple time management tips by Carey
  19. How I manage time between blogging and studies by Shankar
  20. Better living through sticky notes by Lisa
  21. How I Manage My Time by Keith
  22. 6 Essential Time Management Strategies by Randa
  23. Time Management: Managing Large Multi-User Projects by Jennifer
  24. A Routine Shall Set You Free by Brooke
  25. Supercharge Your Job Search by Saving Time by Jacob
  26. Time Makes Me Cuckoo by Shelley
  27. 11 Time Management Tips – How I manage Work and Blog by Ashish
  28. Simple Tips for Managing Time by Pearl
  29. Strategies for Effective Time Management by Janie
  30. Time management: the un-techniques by Peter
  31. dIstressed or dEstressed? by Em Dy
  32. Freelancing And Time Management by Tara
  33. Internet Is The Devil In Disguise by Vivien

Thank you for putting these together Vivien.

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16 Responses to “ Do you have time to read through these? ”

  1. hey Mike – I know exactly what you mean :) I’ve been there, and still do those things! I have netflix membership and have returned movies after not watching them – sometimes for a straight two or more weeks! thats why I needed to keep them here :)

    Audio books actually are great, I bought a few and the latest one that I loved was the dip by set godin….. really enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Jacob.. thanks for stopping and commenting here…

    right, its just not right to accept to do something and then not do it… I’d rather prefer to hear a no upfront… always works out better :) hope you come back to read more and share your thoughts … tc and kit

  3. If you like the audio books, you should check out

    These are serialized books in podcast format. The best part is that they are free. I am a pretty big fan of Scott Sigler.

  4. wow.. thats nice to get some podcasts for free… thank you Mike… I’d have to check it out!

  5. I am going to read every one of these, analyze them and work out which the most popular/most repeated tips are then post about them.

    That is my usual method so I would add the tip – you cant read everything you come across, the internet it too big – you will just end up doing thousands of notes but few posts. :-)

  6. genius :) I wish I had thought of that :) will look forward to that one golden tip from you then…

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