Don’t let it bring you down!

Bloggers hit by Page Rank Slam of Oct. ’07

I’m not ranked, but I feel your pain!

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20 Responses to “ Don’t let it bring you down! ”

  1. good one~how have you been?

  2. Pearl,
    Wishing you were ranked – not so you’d get hit but that you’d have more hits. You’ll get there, if you so desire.
    Take care.

  3. For once (just in a split of a second!) I hope I wasn’t ranked at all too :-)

    Btw: Your welcome over to a Halloween Party in Oslo later on tonight :-)

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  5. LOL RennyBA – be careful of what you wish for :) I am coming over for the party :) thanks for the invite!

  6. What a hilarious depiction, haha! It’s such hard work to achieve levels of PR5 and PR6, and I feel for those good sites who’ve been hit by it.

    My first day was April 1st on April Fool’s day, so I have yet to receive any ranking whatsoever, even tho others have been hit, and many say the update has completed its course. I still sit with PR0, sniff.

  7. Hey Deb… if you read Ken’s comment on the speedlinking post, this blog was assigned PR4 so may be Google is now getting to the newer blogs! who knows! guess I can say now that this may have been a surprise b’day gift from Google today :-) I know PR5 would be difficult but I’ll try to work at it!

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  9. @MorganLighter: I have no idea why your comment always gets caught in Akismet! I am ranked now :) I was hoping for a 5 but 4 isn’t bad to start with! thanks for staying in touch :) tc

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