E-books / E-Courses for Achieving Success at Blogging

Ken wrote a post on e-books provided by some popular and successful bloggers where they share their secrets to blogging success.

According to Ken, he has read “100s of books on blogging and Internet Marketing and how to make money online” and as much as I have known him, he is a hard worker and has all of the things that are necessary to grow one’s blog.

I am no where close to claiming I have read that many books but below is a list of some of my favorites. I may have missed some that I have downloaded and read [or downloaded and have not read yet] and I will add them as they come to mind [or as I find them on my pc :)]

lots of learning to do in the early days of blogging
But first, here are the e-books Ken listed:

  1. Yaro Starak’s Blog Profits Blueprint
  2. Aaron Wall’s SEObook
  3. John Chow’s Make Money Online Ebook
  4. Chitika’s Blog Bash -30 days 30 experts in April 2007 when 30 popular bloggers wrote on wide ranging blogging topics
  5. jack Humphrey’s Authority Black Book

And here is my favorites list:

  1. Seth Godin’s KnockKnock is a “take on how to use the new online marketing tools to make any website work more effectively” downloadable from a mirror site by Mr. Salt (Paul) …
  2. another one of Seth’s books called whos there; In Seth’s words

    Who’s There is not an ebook about how to write better or how to follow the traditional conventions about formatting and building a blog. It’s not designed to sell you one service instead of another, either.

    Instead, I divide the blog world into three groups and turn my attention to one. And in particular, I try to sell you hard on how building a blog asset can have a spectacular impact on you, your career, your organization and your ideas.

  3. Chris Garrette’s killer flagship content, talks not only why you should have Flagship Content but also gives content creation ideas and critical success factors, and most important of all, how to promote the blog with such quality content. The ebook can be obtained by subscribing to Chris’s RSS feed – follow instructions here
  4. Lorelle VanFossen’s ever popular Blogging Tips which is available from Blog Herald’s new bookshop [for a limited time, in honor of the 2007 Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference, the book is available for USD $12.95.
  5. Wendy from eMoms has a 10 Days to a Better Blog FREE eCourse ranging from monetization, design to copywriting and even networking ideas and much much more.. I actually took this valuable course and every time I open one of those emails, I find something new that I can do with the blog
  6. Mig wrote an SEO book for WordPress blogs that has wealth of information on how to set up your blog for search engines
  7. Jane May from Daily Web Ideas – her book titled – An essential guide to building successful web sites has practical tips that are easy to read and understand

More downloadable e-books

  1. Jane May also mentions a 22 page guide on increasing site traffic by John Robinson of Site Fever, which looks pretty good and I hadn’t heard of
  2. I came across Anuj Seth’s blog and found this recommendation from Shane Navratil, on importance of branding and how it can make or break your business/blog.

UPDATE: Of course there are many others that you can sign up for free and I recommend Perry Marshall’s AdWords Course (aff).

If you know of any other e-books/ e-courses on blogging or Internet Marketing written by your favorite blogger, would you share them with us?

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12 Responses to “ E-books / E-Courses for Achieving Success at Blogging ”

  1. Thanks for the mention of my book, Blogging Tips, and it is still available. The “short time” was the low price that was in honor of the SOBCon event, but we’ve been able to keep the price low a little longer, but don’t expect that to last. The shipping alone is killing us. :D

    There are currently plenty of copies left.

  2. Hey Lorelle – thanks for stopping by and commenting…I really appreciate it.

    I kinda knew the price wasn’t going to stay the same but since the post fell in that time frame I thought what the heck … thats the price I am going to mention for people to look at it :)

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