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I am sure a lot of the people know about this tool and I came across it back in June when I was thinking of moving from Blogger to WordPress, at David Airey’s blog and bookmarked it to come back to it. Once moved to WordPress, I submitted my URL to the grader and it came back with a lousy grade of 49 out of a 100 with a whole lot of red flags! The most demeaning thing of the analysis was that it analyzed the writing of the site at a 5th or 6th grader’s level! Well, I was too embarrassed to make a post about it then but did think of coming back after a few weeks of blogging. And I did submit the URL a few times after that and each time it gave a better and better rank.

Website Grader Website_Grader is a free SEO tool that provides an SEO score for your website with custom search engine optimization and marketing advice for your website. The tool will analyze just about any URL you want graded. You can also enter any of your keyword phrases about the marketing effectiveness of your website.

My newest grade:

Website Grade For : 94/100 (October 04, 2007)

A website grade of 94 for means that of the thousands of web sites that have previously been submitted to the tool, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 94% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over a dozen different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others.

and the readability level has improved to 9th grade. This score measures the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content. In most cases, the content should be made to be simple so that a majority of the target audience can understand it.


It was also interesting to see the

SEO Capabilities of the Top 20 Bloggers

Interestingly, the grader also gives you information on how old your domain is and how many days before your domain expires.

“We would suggest renewing this domain with your registrar. Google and other search engines may penalize web sites with domains that are set to expire soon. The reason for this is that many spam sites are often registered for short periods of time. “

Now, I don’t know how it missed so many Inbound Links because according to Yahoo’s siteexplorer service, there are 2575 links pointing to this site, and according to Google , there are 4375 links pointed from other sites! May be I am missing something here?

And I am a bit confused about the warning “More than one H1 tag found ”

“More than one primary heading tags (H1 tags) have been found on the page. Though this is not a critical issue, it is unusual for a web page to contain more than one heading tag. We suggest having a single primary heading per page”


I use Windows Live Writer and the post titles are given the H1 heading type, So…

Is there a way to stop that? Is it of any serious concern?

Other than that, I really liked the service. As a follow up, they also provide a free review of your site and provide consultation on what you can do to improve your score and use your website to generate more leads for your business. I think its a superb service provided by HubSpot Internet Marketing, if you want to try it!

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26 Responses to “ Get SEO Score for your site with Website Grader ”

  1. I put very very little stock in those seo submit your url thing.

  2. Get SEO Score for your site with Website Grader…

    This score measures the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content. In most cases, the content should be made to be simple so that a majority of the target audience can understand it. ……

  3. Hi Jessica … any reason why you think these tools don’t work? According to their site, more than 100,000 sites have been submitted and graded!

  4. Hey Ken….. I am not worried about the PR any more… don’t worry about the things that are beyond our control :) I kinda like the tool and its descriptive report… AND if someone doesn’t understand something, they offer a follow up phone call to explain things…

  5. WebsiteGrader is an awesome tool. David Refer me to it before. It’s quite promising but I just hope they could get me a PR prediction since Google haven’t update me with anything. :)

  6. It’s considered bad practice to have more than one h1 tag per page. It’s meant to act as a top-level heading. I presume it’s the Blogging Pro theme that’s doing this, not Windows Live Writer.

    …and I got a 95 with a fifth grade reading level. Ironically, when I actually was in fifth grade I had a twelfth grade reading level. I’m sure it has to do with the lack of technical words on my blog and nothing to do with my terribel speling.

  7. very interesting stats Pearl….
    I will have to check it out….as I have just started a 3rd blog at WordPress too….so I will be able to compare…..
    btw….I read yopur comment at Deborah’s site re christmas meme…I didn’t tag you for it …you were mentioned as part of the story

  8. Oh darn it…LOL I AM part of a story Kim – how could I not know by now ;) thanks for clearing up my confusion … Ive been worried sick about not being able to keep up with all the tags and memes and links!! will be working on ’em soon… too many things backed up!!

    thanks for stopping by again Kim… you know you are the best my Queen :)

  9. hey Ian… you were caught in Akismet Spam queue ;) I changed its settings recently to catch any comments with links… was getting too many of those trackback spams..

    this is blogging pro and I wanna change it to something else, can’t make up my mind to what… every theme seems to have been over used and I want something clean and sharp at the same time….

    you make me laugh each time Ian :) I thought I was good with spelling too but at least now they think I can write at the freshman level so as long as I am making progress, Im happy :D

  10. This was really interesting Pearl – never heard about this excellent service, so thanks for sharing!
    I tried the score for my blog of course and the report was a very interesting read: Obviously I have to work on Web Page Structure as both Descriptions and Meta Key Words where missing or not found. Do you know if that is to be set up in ‘Presentation’ -> ‘Theme editor’ ->Header?
    It was also interesting to see that Google counted 0 inbound links where as Yahoo counted 2,424. I know I’m listed on almost hundreds of blogsrolls, so i wonder why?
    I really have to dig into this – when I have the time (blogging is after all just a hobby you know :-)

  11. Hi Pearl,

    Interesting tool and interesting results too. I was surprised to find the numbers of inbound links from both google and yahoo.

    I use Live Writer too and don’t have a problem with h1 tags.
    I came out with 75 & 6th grade reading level, and there’s me thinking I wrote in english too lol, google inbound links are 182, yahoo 1588. Where they get their figures from I have no idea…..maybe I’ll run it again in afew days and see if it differs at all.


  12. This is Mike from HubSpot Internet Marketing (we built the WebsiteGrader SEO Tool) Thanks for the review and the link. Let me try to answer some of the questions people have in the comments:

    1) Google vs. Yahoo Inbound Links
    Both numbers are “correct” they are the numbers that the two search engines say you have in terms of links. However Google does not like to give good information, because they don’t like people to figure out how to exactly compute Page Rank and things like that. From my experience, the Yahoo number is a lot more correct and is the one you should use for reference.

    2) Reading Level
    This is based on the lenght of words, length of sentences and length of paragraphs. And higher (i.e. PhD level) is NOT better. You are better off with something lower, maybe around 8th grade. A lower grade level typically means that the content is more scanable, which means it is more readable, especially on the web.


  13. Hey Mike … Thank you so much for coming out here and explaining.

    I am sure it’ll be a relief to anyone reading your explanation….

  14. Hey Colin

    I think the H1 tag is my theme’s doing….. as Ian pointed out! Ian is one of the Award Recipients at Sandbox Theme for WordPress Design Competition so I take his word on it… time to change the theme!! :)

    Please let us know how you do when you run it again… I’d be curious to see how the links change!

  15. Hey RennyBA – of course Blogging is just a hobby but takes up more time than I can afford right now :)

    My description and keywords are in the options of All In One SEO Plugin that I use…. Hope you get to see Mike’s explanation on yahoo vs google links!

  16. That’s a pretty nice tool. Thanks!

  17. Hi Pearl,

    That’s a good comment from Mike of Hubspot, it clarifies things for us.
    I think we are all pretty much aware that google changes it’s algorithms on a whim and much of what we would like to know from them is hush hush. PR isn’t everything, I think for most of us we look for content regardless of what google think.

    I’ll re-run the Grader early next week and let you know how it changes, should be interesting :)

  18. welcome to the blog Steven and thanks for stopping to comment!

    @Colin… let us know what you find out Colin…..take care now…

  19. Now a days, I think the traditional ways of building links won’t help one website to rank better in SERPs. The algos are becoming smart and the bots are behaving even more smartly. Have you seen Matt cutts opined about directory quality.

    Viral marketing of your website can fetch you good amount of links now a days.

  20. Hi Pearl,

    I re-ran the website grader :)

    Previous results were 75 & 6th grade reading level, google inbound links are 182, yahoo 1588.

    New results are website grade 77, Google PR 5, Alexa 950,728, Technorati 42,744, Google inbound links 185, Yahoo 1,551 and 7th grade reading level.

    So some minor changes, grade up slightly, google links up 2 whereas yahoo down 37 and reading level up fron 6 to 7.

    Try again later hahahaha

  21. oh wow, PR of 5? in that short time? Did you change anything Colin? or it just happened?

  22. Hi Pearl,

    I got the PR5 some time back, but it was through good backlinks to relevant (and some irrelevant blogs). Another interesting point is to create links from one post to another, without too many pointing to the same post.

    It’s the one blog that I don’t go overboard on memes, and will turn some down, because it limits the number of outgoing links, but adds to the number of inbound links using textual memes, and never to exceed a maximum of 30 outbound links – I usually keep it to 20 or less, depending upon the quality of links.

    I have broken what they consider to be sacrosanct rules about linking to blogs that are off topic without causing any damage. The important thing is the number of on-topic incoming links.

    Google sees a link from post A to post B as a vote for post A from post B. As I use I don’t have meta tags etc, so it’s down to content and internal and external linking.

    I also think that because I have blogged into a speciality niche that this has helped as I get far more links from yahoo and msn than google.

    The only thing I changed was several months ago, after my first few posts. I started to break them down into smaller paragraphs, and as my topics grew I was able to link internally from one post to another.

    This article explains it far better than I can:

    Look forward to your thoughts :)


  23. Oh man, I stumbled that post a few weeks ago ‘coz I wanted to come back to it some day – was too long to read and understand in one shot! I have some internal links but need to work more on them some more, these are created with aLinks Plugin and Ive noticed some articles getting linked to many times while others not at all; I have to read up on how the outbound links bring down the quality of links – am not clear on it yet! I think my topics are so varies, it might be confusing for the bots? I need to educate myself on this! can’t say much :) will have to write on this topic some day soon then! thanks for explaining Colin …

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  26. That tool is all very well but tools by themselves can’t give you great SEO, you have to use them to evaluate success in conjunction with a good strategy. Personally I don’t use tools because I get all the information I need from google and yahoo.