Happy Halloween

Halloween Greetings 
Photo: Vintage Halloween Postcard by riptheskull

Halloween’s a sudden BOO!!
And just as quick a scream;
Laughing in the scary dark,
Loving friendly fright.

On Halloween, witches come true;
Wild ghosts escape from dreams.
Each monster dances in the park,
Eating candy like a shark–
Now kiss and say goodnight!

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10 Responses to “ Happy Halloween ”

  1. Booo hooo hoooo !!!!

    Scared already?

  2. I am I am – I’m too scared now Simonne ;)

    happy halloween to you too Pelf :)

  3. Happy Halloween to you too Pearl!

  4. Happy Halloween, Pearl! :)

  5. Kaylee, teeni, Mike – Happy Halloween to you guys too…

    teeni, evenings been fun so far…:) thanks… hope you are enjoying as well..

    Ken: there have been soo many headless men behind me ;) Im scared to go out tonite :lol:

  6. Have a spooktacular evening!

  7. haha have a good halloween :)

  8. Happy Hallooo Halllooooo Wen! :)
    Hey, we don’t celebrate it here. But it’s fun to see so many blog posting about that pumpkin’s head man. :D
    Hey, watch out, no headed man behind you!

  9. Happy Halloween to you as well. :smile:

  10. hey Emma – hope you had fun Halloween too :)

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