Hopes and Dreams

“Hope” is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul…

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops ….at all

~ Emily Dickinson

I was reminded of this poem by a friend named Anna on one of the social networks! And it was nice to know that there is this little feathered being deep inside me, that sings non-stop!

So many times we start feeling we have come to a time and place that is void of hope and of possibilities, only to find that it is the very state of hopelessness that not only allows us to hit the bottom and give up the illusion of control, but also turn everything around and make the impossible, possible.  To not have hopes and dreams means you are at a place of complete loss…… loss of our birthright as a human being.  Hope does spring and sing eternal, even when we have wax in our ears!   By recognizing and affirming our feelings of hopelessness, we open the possibility of something else, something more beautiful!

And now, here is a video that I watched yesterday and enjoyed it a lot!

no, no hidden meanings – I really wanted to post that cockatoo video ever since I found it on StumbleUpon, but since Wendy posted it yesterday, I didn’t want to look like I was copying her! Now I am going to wait to get my hands on Wendy’s dance video! I’m darn sure it’ll bring me thousands if not millions of links and help me get a good PR!!

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10 Responses to “ Hopes and Dreams ”

  1. Wow – nice poem and nice video find! Very emotional! Stop trying to make me cry, Pearl! LOL. Sniff. ;)

  2. oh teeni LOL I didn’t mean to make you cry :) I thought this was a very beautiful video!

  3. sure pelf :) reminds me of Shawshank Redemption… a film based on keeping hope alive, if you didnt see it, its worth watching it! hey, wheres the email?

  4. Hope is indeed a beautiful thing, without hope, there will be nothing to look forward to, and life would be boring :(

  5. Deeply touching Pearl :-) A beautiful message to put things into perspective, and great find for the video!

  6. OOo – Shawshank Redemption was such a great movie!

  7. hey thanks for stopping by Deb… I know you are busy …:)

    @teeni – thanks for the picture yesterday …. I’ve watched this film or parts of it when its on, and never get bored :)

  8. What a great and hopeful reminder – a really nice post Pearl and what a coincidence: if you come over, I’ll show you another example of hope too :-)

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