How do you overcome blogger’s block?

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How to Overcome Writer's Block

Let's face it. We all experience it once in a while, especially when we least expect it.  It doesn't matter how long we have been blogging, there are times when we just can't think of anything to blog about.

Following are some websites that help bloggers overcome blogger's block:

Lorelle's Blogging Challenge

Once in a while, Lorelle @ Lorelle On WordPress throws her readers a blogging challenge. These blogging challenges serve to challenge our thinking and efforts in blogging and blog writing.  I personally love Lorelle's Blogging Challenge not only because she always comes up with original blog topics but because after completing each challenge, Lorelle makes sure that we have learned something along the way and that we would be able to share, on our blog, what we have learned from taking up the challenge.  In other words, besides helping us overcome our blogger's block,  Lorelle is also actually helping us learn how to blog.  Some of the more recent blogging challenges are:

Mindbump — Where great minds collide

Mindbump is a web-based remedy for blogger's block that also serves as a blog promotional tool. Mindbump serves up random blog writing prompts generated by bloggers. If you've decided to take up any of the writing prompts, simply copy the code which is located below the prompt, paste it on your blog, and respond to it. Don't like what you see? Hit the REFRESH button!

If your creative juice is overflowing, you could submit your blogging prompts and your suggestions will be displayed randomly, along with a link back to your blog. If a blogger picks up your writing prompt, he will write about it, copy and paste the code on his blog and link back to your site in their post.

Some examples of mindbumps:

  • If there was one person who best exemplified everything that you are against, who would that person be? Who is the "anti-you"?
  • Describe your most embarrassing musical purchase. What's hidden in your skeleton CD rack?
  • Has the internet taken over your life? Do you think people are too reliant on technology today? Does technology really make tasks simpler, as they are supposed to do?
  • If you had to select only one photograph from your photo albums to represent your life, which photograph would you choose? (this would make a very good group writing project!)
  • Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Blaugh – The (Un)official comic of the Blogosphere!

I have only recently discovered Blaugh, a site that publishes a web comic every few days. The comic strips are very nice and colourful, and apply very much to the current blogging situations too.  If you wish, you could copy the code below the comic strip and use it on your blog. If you haven't noticed it, the comic strip above was taken from Blaugh.   In fact, this post was inspired by the comic strip!

Google trends

I have never tried this myself, but apparently, what you need to do is to type in a keyword or a couple of them if you'd like to compare and see which keyword is being talked about the most at the moment, and hit the SEARCH button. A graph will appear on the next screen, that shows how each keyword fared in the last few years.

But of course, there may be other sites that you find more useful and interesting than those mentioned above.

So, tell us, how do you overcome blogger's block?

By Pelf.


My thanks go to Pelf for writing this informative post with such great links!   We all know that a great deal has been written on techniques to overcome the writer's block,  and this still seems to be an ongoing problem with us all.   Here is some more great articles on this subject! 

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How to overcome blogger's block

and then of course there is this mother of all posts (or is it father of all posts?) Battling Blogger's Block  that covers just about every idea out there to get over this problem! 

 By Pearl.

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  1. […] for a couple of great comics from Blaugh which I discovered from a post written by Pelf on Pearl’s Interesting Observations blog.  The first is funny and it’s even funnier because I can’t fire myself for being […]

  2. Reading the paper always gives me ideas… if not that a drive… or even better a nap!

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  3. @Stock Trading Software aka Justin – nap is always a good idea :)

  4. I’m a sporadic blogger but I just decided days ago that I’d blog regularly. Since I blog at night, during the day I try to keep an eye/ear out for topics that I could write about. I note it down and scribble a few words to remind me of my point when I look at it later on. =)

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