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While the entire blog world has been abuzz with Page Rank dwindling from low to high and in between leaving many wondering about their future, Google guys are preparing to celebrate Halloween this weekend. What a nerve!


So, we all have heard time and again to not lose heart and learn from every situation, and continue to forge ahead in pursuit of our goals! One of the most important lessons from Google’s unpredictable behavior also proves that we cannot rely on just one source for our income!

Talking about income, I found another post that talks about 22 ways to build an emergency fund! Oh, Matt from blogging fingers also tells us of things that can earn passive income!  While talks of money making are all good, its also important to have fun doing it, so if you head over to Kim’s blog, you’ll find some neat contests and no mention of page rank and no such worries because life just has to go on!   And who knows? Some connections we make with people on net might change our lives for good? Such is a story of RennyBA and Diane: The Internet Love Story!

While we were all entering competitions and worrying about page rank etc, Successful-Blog celebrated its birthday and not surprisingly, had more than 660 birthday wishes from all over the world!  Watching blogging family come together to celebrate once again was awesome!

Liz is a generous and kind soul, and we all know that, but of course, organizing birthday parties on this scale are possible only if you learn The Art Of Planning: Making Before Taking The Plunge. I didn’t see anything on the menu where onions were an ingredient, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to cut an onion with fewer tears! – Oh, I was sent this link by Benjamin Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog on Digg! it was very useful! thanks Ben!

So, have some fun this weekend! ;)

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9 Responses to “ Interesting posts around the blogosphere ”

  1. actually Pearl…
    I’m just about to do an enormous post on page rank and all things related so you will have to check it out :D

  2. Either way, life goes on and we get older. I once had a page rank and I no longer do. I still have a smile and many friends. :)

  3. Welcome Liz and thank you for stopping to say a hi! You know, with your kind of heart, you’ll always have many friends and many more reasons to smile – my bests to you for everything!

  4. Kim – will definitely check out your take on page rank :)

  5. Ken…huh? I did get that notorious but soo cherished page rank after all :) thanks for letting me know, I wouldn’t even have checked! So, does that mean I can sell text links now??????? LOL

  6. Hmm… innovative type of speedlinking. :D
    Congratulation, Pearl. You’ve got a PR now. Those are a good link. I will visit them.

  7. What a great guided tour in blogsphere or SpeadLinking like Ken calls it (great expression!). I’ll tour around for fun, to learn and meet new blog friends.
    Thanks for your link love :-)

  8. thanks and you are welcome RennyBA.. my pleasure… your blog is full of wonderful and enjoyable material and I’d definitely want to recommend it to everyone…

  9. Hi Pearl,

    I just did a PR check with my Life
    blog as well as my Free PC Security blog to find that both are now PR5.

    Interestingly, on my Life blog I have broken all the rules about linking lol.

    You also have an award to collect here:

    Have a great week :)


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