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This post is inspired by the girl who is not only intelligent but also very passionate about different humanitarian causes that she believes in!

Pelf’s dedication to whatever she believes in, shows in the way she throws herself completely into achieving her goals, may it be saving the environment or breast cancer awareness or stopping the child abuse!

Most of us blogged with making just one post about The Blog Action Day but Pelf? She started a month long campaign at The Giving Hands where she brought many issues to forefront blogging about them the entire month.

Pelf’s blog is definitely contagious and is aptly named!

Pelf showed her desktop one day and asked everyone else to show theirs! And I have to say that I never really thought mushrooms were that gorgeous before seeing one on her desktop! very unique…

So here is mine…;)



My desktop background usually alternates between my avatar and Aurora Borealis. I LOVE the concept of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and am even more in love with the colors it forms! Most times I am able to find a good shot that I feel I may not get bored with and use it but if I want to change it and cannot find anything that I instantly like, I go back to my avatar.. crazy? yeah I know :-)

The way this meme is going around, you are supposed to tag 5 people, but I soo do not like to follow rules and restrictions! So I am not going to tag anyone, but would love to see what yours looks like.

So then, what is on your desktop?

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10 Responses to “ My desktop ”

  1. It looks nice and clean. I usually keep mine black, because I have it 90% covered with icons and I need to see them.

  2. OMG Pearl, you have just made me sound like a saint, which I am not! Truth is, I am only doing whatever I can as an individual, and I am glad that I have touched someone (so deeply) by my little humble actions.

    Thank you for the linksss, and for the mention. I greatly appreciate your gesture =)

  3. Nice desktop backgrounds! Mine is the boring old MS hills background. My husband has a beautiful changing themes of space (planets, galazies) and then a rotating image of all the satellites that orbit around the earth.

  4. @Pelf….. you are welcome :) you deserve all the praise :)

    @Aruni…..Hills are always nice too….. rotating image of satellites sounds kinda cool…. why don’t you go ahead and post some of these pictures on your blog? would be nice to see ….. :)

    @Simonne….. lol, I hear you… this is my laptop desktop… my desktop pc is a bit cluttered :)

  5. hi Pearl…..
    I wonder if Pelf (love the name)….is related to the Elf like you are ? :D
    your desktops are great…..
    I did this a while back and I have a photo of my kids on my desktop… :)

  6. hey hey Kim… that does sound like it doesn’t it? lol I’ve kinda known about pelf’s blog for sometime but just recently ‘met’ her so its possible she is my distant cousin or the nicer twin ;)

    thanks! Im gonna have to digg through your blog to find them :)

  7. @laketrees: LOL. Pelf isn’t related to Elf. In fact, Pelf is tall, and Elf isn’t, LOL.

  8. From all the memes that go around…
    You wouldn’t like to see my desktop. None of them. They are messy.

    Well, at least your desktop is beautiful. :)

  9. yeah this is a meme but I had been thinking about it for sometime so thougth it is fun to see how diverse other desktops are :) thanks…

  10. well I have no idea how to get those images off of my husbands mac. :-) if I ever do figure it out, I’ll see if I can post it…

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