Prizes Galore

Over $54,000 CASH give away in prizes!!   Is that insane or what?  Some people make that much in a year!  Yes, that’s true,  some people do!   And you know where that Grand Celebration is taking place right?  well, where else?   its our beloved problogger’s 3rd birthday celebration, where Darren is giving away prizes worth thousands of dollars for entering in Problogger Birthday Bash Competitions.   I am keeping my fingers crossed for winning something nice – yeah, I do need an ergonomic chair and a MAC – :) 


winning is fun Well, that’s being a bit too greedy, isn’t it?   but then who knows?   Until you participate, you won’t know!   Remember that $4000 give away contest?  I won a Bonus Prize of a site wide text link with the contest blogger!  Contest Blogger is the best place for exposure and I can’t wait to be there….


Wait, I just found out something I had never known!   These two blogs are so different and are run by the same person?   No wonder both blogs are loved by whoever comes across them… I found romance tracker during one of Darren’s top 5 writing projects  where he wrote how to find the person of your dreams :)  I vaguely remember that I had commented on his post but now see that he doesn’t allow comments! 

What a memory I have, don’t you think?  :) 


I am just very excited to have my link displayed at Phil’s blog!   Thanks once again David!

So,  head on over to ProBlogger to celebrate and enjoy!


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8 Responses to “ Prizes Galore ”

  1. thank YOU Phil – I like that favorite site on your blog :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the nice compliments and congrats on winning! I put your link on Contest Blogger under the Favorite Sites heading. If you would like different anchor text, just let me know and I’ll be glad to change it.

    Thanks again!

  3. You’re very welcome, Pearl! I’m glad you won something.

    Great of Phil to put your link up so fast too. Thanks buddy.

  4. yeah I thought so too, that was extremely quick…:) thanks for swinging by David…. tc and kit

  5. Congrats !!! Don’t you need some love links from Link And Earn ?

    Bragging is good for your blog to stay healthy and wealthy. So just drop a comment about the post where you brag about winning the contest and we will entagle you with our links.

  6. @Link and Earn – thanks :) left a comment on your blog earlier today!

    @Ken Xu – thanks Ken :) I hope so too :) and make sure to check out contest blogger for all kinds of cool contests :)

  7. ah! One word: CONGRATULATION! :D
    It’s so nice to see you are getting some spare from the contest. Hope contest blogger would bring you a lot of targeted traffic.

  8. Click here and see how we are happy for your success.

    Link And Earn is all about enjoying each others victory. We help to keep your blog healthy and wealthy.


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