ProBlogger Birthday Bash

Sometime ago I asked if you are able to resist to the temptations or end up yielding to them and the last few days its been a real test! And it reminded me of some of the quotes from that post like

“The only trouble with resisting temptation is that you may not get another chance”

Well as you all must have heard by now, problogger is celebrating its 3rd birthday and to appreciate its sponsors, Darren is giving away 500 prizes worth some $55,000, for doing various things like writing a post on a blogging tip or merely commenting on the site. How could I resist this? I may not get another chance right?

And this one is way too hard to resist for me… here is the explanation of this prize give away from Problogger itself:

“Be one of the FIRST consumers to own not one, but TWO 20-inch FlatronWide L206WU USB-based monitors provided by DisplayLink!

displaylink-logo.jpgThese LG monitors are one of the first USB monitors out in the market powered by DisplayLink technology.

DisplayLink believes professional bloggers and web users would really appreciate the ease and convenience of lots of screen real estate so you can spread yourself out and accomplish more and enjoy more. Because these LG monitors use USB, you simply plug the monitors into your laptop or desktop, and start blogging away!”


Go enter the contest and take a chance at winning these beautiful monitors!

Now, I want to say whats been on my mind about this contest! If you have been following the comments, you’d notice that some people are too darn worried about providing problogger a link and are saying he is doing something wrong in asking people to link to his site – one person even said Darren wouldn’t link to anyone for the purpose of entering into a competition. Isn’t that a bit absurd? He has more than 30,000 readers and 1) no one has been running contests as big as this one 2) if half of the people were running contests each week and Darren was entering them, do you think his site would be read by us all? or would he be able to provide any value for us? And as Darren even responded to one of the comments, this is the only post requiring that link back to his site, out of hundreds of prizes! If you don’t want the monitors, don’t write this post and you can still enter to win other prizes – simple!! So why complain and ruin other people’s fun?

I called it absurd because none of us question him when we are getting insanely high traffic (in thousands) from participating in his writing projects, from which we all learn so much, get to know many new blogs that we wouldn’t otherwise, so here is my question…

Why do people get so uneasy so easily?

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13 Responses to “ ProBlogger Birthday Bash ”

  1. I think Darren gives such good value on his blog, not only providing valuable information but, as you say Pearl, providing linkbacks through writing projects etc. Some people revel in complaining and others maybe do so to get attention?

  2. he definitely does… its a shame really… you are right, some people are never happy!! Its always good to have you here Sue… thanks

  3. Hmm.. well i think people get uneasy so easily just because they think they don’t want to be a part of the world. All of us want to dive into the conformity of our community, because suggesstion does affect us. But on the other hand, we want to keep up our individuality in its absolute form. Ain’t that?

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