State of blogging and some

Gosh.. The entire blogosphere seems to be pre-occupied with text-link ads issue and Google dropping page rank for some sites…

but in the mean time what do the newer blogs do? The ones who weren’t fortunate to get any page rank in the first place?

confusion Well, I am still trying to understand the whole game of selling text links and page rank and in order to understand this whole phenomenon, what better place than to start off from Matt Cutts’ blog ? While searching for what exactly the issue is, I found an article Matt wrote on September 1st of 2005 about Text Links and PageRank, which is still getting commented on!

And it is almost funny [not] that even after two years of complaining /commenting on the same issue and some 230+ comments, Google has not changed its position!

The very first comment to this article was on September 2, 2005 by Jason Duke and it went like this

Jason Duke Said,
September 2, 2005 @ 1:22 am
Matt, do you think it is within or beyond your/Google’s business &/or moral duty to police how advertising is bought and sold ?

I ask because I understand the problem text link advertising can cause a search engine but do believe that it is that same business model that has allowed G to become such a commercial success story. I know there are subtle differences but ultimately G’s business model is to provide a service and sell text link advertising to deliver eyeballs to advertisers.#

To me it seems slightly cynical that G climbs a long hard ladder to the pinnacle of Internet success but then trys to pull the ladder up behind them “advising” others that TLA in its current form is not the right way to monetise a site.

And the most recent comment

LP Said,
October 9, 2007 @ 12:57 pm
Isn’t it time for Google to stop the whole page rank and link counting scheme? There are many quality sites out there that don’t have links to them. I work for an industrial manufacturer that sells equipment to other manufacturers. These are not the types of sites that naturally go around linking to each other. Most do have some links in industry specific directories. It seems that in this space the biz with the most products/pages ranks first. So how is the little guy supposed to compete? Buy links? Generate a bunch of content the customers don’t need, just to make the Googlebot happy. I think there are serious flaws in googles ranking system.

And interestingly, this week the debate continues on many blogs with hundreds of comments back and forth!

Oh how I digress sometimes! So, what do the blogs with no page rank do? They continue to participate in the memes or group writing projects and joining blog carnivals to get back links, building their blogs slowly, one reader at a time!

I am glad I don’t have the stress about these issues because I am not relying for income solely from this blog and have no plans to quit my job – yet anyway…. I am stressed out about a lot of the other issues right now – e.g. I am getting the hard wood floors replaced with marble tiles – in the foyer, kitchen, baths, den and pantry and the project is becoming a bit too stressful.

One last thing, while I am busy with this home improvement project, which I hope should be over within the next couple of weeks, I would like to invite and welcome some guest articles for Fresh Perspectives.

If you are willing to write for this blog, please send me a message via the contact form.

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