Strapped for cash!

One of the commentors on the previous post was wondering if the Blog World Expo guys could adapt her!!  Well,  I am not that desperate to go but I did start wondering if I could simply apply for some fast cash advance from somewhere .. if not Las Vegas, may be the local casinos wouldn’t be such a bad idea!   And then I thought of pay day loan guys!   Did you know such a service existed where you could apply to get fast loans ranging from $100 to $1500 with no credit or background checks?

runwithcash Well,  Oasis Payday Loan offers quick cash advances for times when you are in need of some cash.  They require no credit checks, no collateral, and no co-signers.   Getting approved for payday loans is much less time consuming, resulting in faster cash in your bank account.   And these loans require no credit checks, no collateral, and no co-signers.

The application is unbelievably simple to fill and can be found on their site.  The advance loans can be obtained online which makes the whole process very convenient.  The beauty of the whole concept is that it costs nothing to apply online and there is no obligation to accept the loan that may be offered to you.   Online Payday Loans are available to anyone who has a steady source of income of at least $900 per month and a valid checking or savings account. Isn’t it simple?  Wish me happy gambling ;P

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5 Responses to “ Strapped for cash! ”

  1. Yikes! Don’t get a payday loan. Especially from a place that won’t show you the fine print until you’ve started (or maybe completed—I didn’t apply, obviously) the application process. Maybe it’s because I’m from Canada, where my member of parliament is trying to severely limit the abilities of Payday Loan Services for taking advantage of people, but I just don’t like the idea.

  2. Oh my! This was the first time I’d heard about such a thing Ian and thought this was really cool! Obviously I haven’t yet applied (fortunately haven’t had the need to) but will try to find the fine print on the app….

  3. Well, this is interesting. I had never heard of this type of loan. But of course, you should never sign for anything without reading everything over. I once had a mortgage company get angry at me because it took 3 hours to pass papers. I always remembered my teachers telling me not to sign anything I haven’t read and that is what I did in that office. Too bad if they didn’t like me taking up their time, it was MY name going on those papers.

  4. thats just awful they had such a nasty behavior! I confess I don’t always read the fine print! Although I haven’t run into any problems so far, its never advisable! I thought the service ‘as explained in their site’ was pretty good, I don’t know anyone with bad experience with them so can’t say anything negative!

  5. […] pay day loans, a concept that I had never heard about, before reading on their site, and was titled Strapped for cash. This post also got rejected because pay per post guys cannot find a record of me first […]

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