Tim the tool-man or Pearl the tool-girl

Which one sounds better? I think “pearl the tool-girl” has a better ring to it, wouldn’t you say?

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor is a very famous character (played by Tim Allen) of an American sitcom called Home Improvement. Tim is married to Jill and they have three sons, Brad, Randy and Mark. Tim spends most of his time in his garage working with a large collection of tools and is always trying to ‘fix’ the appliances in the house to make them more powerful and of course in the process causes a whole lot of goof ups! One of the funniest shows ever….. and here is a clip that runs about 10 minutes but is worth every one of it!

Okay I was kidding about tool girl being better than the tool man, he is definitely very funny and way better actor than I could ever be! You know what reminded me of Home Improvement? I recently got my home’s hardwood floors replaced with the marble and my garage is quite a mess righmetal-pegboard.gift now!! As I was browsing for some ideas to organize this mess, home improvement show related information kept popping up with every search! Talk about getting distracted, I ended up watching a couple of episodes. And here is a site about garage organization I really like and thought I’d share with you. These guys sell all kinds of things like cabinets, workbenches, tool boxes and a whole range of stuff to get your garage into a top notch room in your house! I especially feel like buying their Metal Pegboard to hang the tools… Check them out, you’ll be surprised how many storage ideas they have!

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13 Responses to “ Tim the tool-man or Pearl the tool-girl ”

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  3. Hey Home Improvement Designs: I loved this comment so approved it although feels like you were spamming me with your home improvement designs, hence had to remove that link!

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