Unity in diversity on Blog Action Day!

After reading Leo Babauta of ZenHabits on why bloggers WILL change the world and how we can help, I have to say, I felt motivated to do my bit and have been reading and educating myself on this issue. But, with thousands of web sites filled with information on what to do and what not to do to reduce the affects of global warming and save the environment, I feel kinda lost as far as writing something original!

So, in order to get a better perspective on what the big deal about this devastating phenomenon is, and not bombarding you with Top 50 things to do to stop Global Warming or writing another Global Warming Survival Guide, which obviously are far superior than what I could come up with, I thought of sharing some thought provoking videos I came across, made by National Geography , AndrewEdwardRoss, and elephantologist respectively!

note: this was supposed to be published at midnight, but guess my blog’s time needs to be fixed! but how?

UPDATE: (Idea copied from pelf…. See all other blog action day posts on technorati

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15 Responses to “ Unity in diversity on Blog Action Day! ”

  1. Great finds for your videos Pearl :-)

    I think WordPress is actually set at Pacific Standatd Time. I’m on MST and can’t post until after 1am for a fresh date.

    But I’ve never been able to get the timestamp to work for me. After the time comes to post, it just hangs somewhere in cyberspace, gone from drafts, and doesn’t appear on my front page.

  2. Everyone can make a difference! If you are passionate about stopping global warming and the environment you should check out this website http://www.nvisioncfl.com . Changing to CFLs is a great way for individual people to really make a difference! You should also check out this site http://www.youtube.com/user/helpourworld for more ideas on how to help our world!

  3. I didn’t know about this event till today, when I read Phil’s entry at Profy. I did my entry today, so I suppose I cannot call myself a Blog Action Day blogger. But then again, I was really disappointed of many entries I read about Blog Action Day.

    I am proud of you, girl! You truly make a difference. You are not a fake blogger. And I am happy to be your friend. Who knows, maybe one day we meet?

  4. Hi Kristina – thanks for the links, video is great :) I’ll check out the other link as well…. hope to see you here again!

  5. thanks Mig :) It’d sure be fun to meet some day :) Let me know when you are around my part of the world…:)

    and consider yourself blog action day blogger since your many readers read your entry and thats what matters, creating awareness!

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