You are invited (regretfully)

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To Women:  Why can’t we get along?

To Men:   What do you think?   




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18 Responses to “ You are invited (regretfully) ”

  1. thanks to Mrs Sparrow for posting the card on her site :) she is welcome to participate in the conversation here too!!

    hey Pelf: thank god your friend didn’t get to see this before her wedding… she’d gotten needlessly scared if her MIL likes her :) thank you for stumbling :D

  2. LMAO when I read the invitation, and even harder when I read Ken’s comment, haha!

    Teeni, you address a very valid point. I’ve never understood why women see talents of other women as their own inadequacies and attempt to undermine them, when what works so much more is to be friends and unite, and to be happy for your friends.

    But this isn’t something exclusive to women. Albeit that it isn’t as common amongst men, it still happens. I’ve been victim myself in management positions when a male has attempted to create false information and allegations over their jealousies and trying to distract attention from their own inadequacies, or something they’ve done wrong. And when it comes from a man, it’s rarely thought that they could just be making it all up.

    I’ve actually seen this happen between 2 males as well, when it comes to struggles of power positions within a company.

  3. right, it’s *not* automatically assumed men could be ‘making it up’ but that IS because it doesn’t happen amongst them so often :) and its like the reputation one builds over time in different spheres of life! and we have become infamous for cat-fights and thats what we all need to recognize and stop!

    but the invitation is hilarious I think ;) funny thing is that we women are laughing over this too, can’t even imagin what my reaction would be if it was from a FIL about his SIL…. oh this reminds me of King Of Queens LOL

  4. hoohoohoohoo Pearl ..this is just sooo soooo hilarious…I’m going to save it for my son….not that his girlfriend is anything like this future daughter in law…..
    :D :D :D


    I don’t think it was sent out like this David :) but its the thought that counts hehe ;) welcome to fresh perspectives :)

    Paquito… glad it gave you smiles :)

  6. Pearl, I had a good laugh about this. Too funny.
    To answer your question: sure we get along. And girl, men have similar problems! My father had the same reaction towards my husband. My father never came to my wedding and you know what? He was right.
    Usually parents have a good instinct about our mates. We should just stop to listen.

  7. Oh Mig… I am so sorry! regardless of the reasons involved, these sort of things stay fresh in our minds, don’t they? yes, parents do have some sort of antenna on their heads to foresee these things I think ;) glad it made you laugh :)

  8. Women are very territorial. This is about the funniest Wedding Invitation, the best card ever.

    My full time job… I am a wedding planner, and I have seen just about everything under the sun when it comes to weddings. From the worst mix matches, or mis match, to the Oh My God I cannot believe these two are getting married.

    About no getting along as we are women. When it involves your son, well as a Mother of a son myself. I know perhaps way in the back of my mind, that in fantasy land no one out there is good enough for him, yet that is a blind futuristic look.

    As I do not have a daughter, all I can say that it is going to be as tough, as I allow it to be. I only want what best for him, and if I ever want to not be involve din my sons life once he ventures out and gets married.

    I need to be civil, Atr times lets face it hard for us women we are so territorial…

    Yet… for some reason, I think I will be a very good mother in law, reason, My Mom is a very Good One, and my Mother in law is Amazing!

    So why shoudl I not be nice to “her” whomever she is now… It is all about attitude, and I know he will choose right. Hmm, well, I am training him huh?

    We joke, as we have these friends who have a little girl, whom my son is crazy about… we are crazy about her too. You ought to see them together they look fantastic.

    Only God Knows, and I hope it is her…. :)


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