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Coming up with “Interesting” or “Best Of” lists seem to have become a trend these days!  I’ve been saving these lists from the blogosphere in my delicious account and elsewhere but thought I’d share them with you all in case you haven’t seen them yet!

So, here is a Master List of the best ‘101’ lists out there!

This is an ongoing list and I plan to add to it as I find more! If you know of some good 101 list and would like me to add to it, please let me know in the comments! or via the Contact Form Enjoy!


  1. 101 Self Improvement Resources @ Pick the Brain
  2. 101 posting ideas that will make your blog sizzle @ I Help You Blog
  3. 101 Commonsense Management Tips @ business Intelligence Lowdown
  4. 101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website @ SEOBook
  5. 101 Amazing Earth Facts @ Space
  6. 101 Real Estate Blog Topics @ Real Estate Tomato
  7. 101 Uses For PLR Articles @ memwg
  8. 101 Blog Posting Ideas @ SEO 2.0 Onreact
  9. 101 Best Web Freebies You Probably Don’t Know @ JennyHow
  10. 101 Essential Freelancing Resources @ FreeLanceSwitch
  11. 101 Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic @ CanIMakeBigMoneyOnline
  12. 101 Essential Blogging Resources @ Blogtrepreneur
  13. 101 Suggestions for Squeezing More Fun Out of Life @ Pauls tips
  14. 101 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog @ Vandelay Design
  15. 101 Reasons to FreeLance @ hrworld
  16. 101 Ways to make Your Blog More Popular and Successful @ SEO 2.0 Onreact
  17. 101 Tools to Convert Video, Music, Images, PDF and More @ Cogniview
  18. 101 Ways to Make Money off Open Source @ Manageability
  19. 101 Simple Vegan Meals @ The Urban Vegan
  20. 101 Resources for Self Published Writers @Self Publishing Blog
  21. 101 Blog Tips I Learned in 2006 @ DailyBlogTips
  22. 101 Ways to Save Money @ CreditCave
  23. 101 Dumbest Moments ( biggest boors, boffoons and blunders of 2007) @CNN-Money
  24. 101 Cities for Drinking @ Citytoplist – they have various lists of US cities with some fun things to check out!
  25. 101 CSS Tips and Tutorials and Examples @ lxpages
  26. 101 CSS Resources to add to your toolbelt of awesomeness @ jasonbartholme
  27. 101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot @ xulplanet
  28. 101 Tips to Improve Your Web Presence @ SearchEngineOptimization
  29. 101 Blogging Building Tips @ DeWittsMedia
  30. 100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write @ ChrisBrogan
  31. 101 Ubuntu Tips Tricks and Tutorials @ lxpages
  32. 101 Ways to Run Out of Things To Blog About @ ProBlogger
  33. 101 FeedFlares for a Better Tomorrow @ FeedBurner
  34. 101 Zen Stories @101ZenStories
  35. 101 Easy Ways to Use Google Website Optimizer @ ConversionRateExperts
  36. 101 Ways to Put 101 dollars in your pocket this month @ Blogging Away Debt
  37. 101 Steps to becoming a better blogger @ Lifehack
  38. 101 Tips For Improving Children’s Behavior @ ParentingIdeas
  39. 101 Ways to Organize Your Life @ Project Management Source
  40. 101 resources to help you build a better web form @ Jasonbartholme
  41. 101 Web Marketing Ideas and TIps @ SEO Pedia
  42. 101 New Uses for Everyday Things @ Real Simple
  43. 101 Essential Blogging Skills @ Skelliewag
  44. 101 Tips I learned from Blogging @ Etienneteo
  45. 101 Resources on the Web for Bloggers and Writers @ JenWriter
  46. 101 Top WordPress Plugins @ One Man’s Goal

As if these weren’t enough lists to read!

47. here is a very comprehensive list of 1001 Lists to Read Before Your Die @Terabell

48. Check out List of Bests for other people’s best lists where I think you can add your own list to the huge resource!

49. Finally, If YOU would like to create your own 101 list, there is a meme going around the blogoshpere about doing 101 things in 1001 days! It is hosted at triplux; The site has other people’s 101 things-to-do-lists where you can get plenty of inspiration!

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  1. I really love lists and these are some really cool ones. I have bookmarked it already so I can come back and read them all. Thanks for this!!

  2. Thanks for the link Pearl!

  3. So we should just bookmark this post instead of 40+ others, huh? :)
    Well done!

  4. of course Pelf ….. thats the idea! :)

    @Steven: you are always welcome!

    @JC Carville: Glad you found it useful!

  5. WoW! That’s an awesome list, Pearl! Stumbled it right away~! :)
    But I think I’m a little overload by those 4242 tips! LOLz!

  6. Wow.

    Stumbled and bookmarked it for later reference.

    Rocking lists :)

  7. Great List Pearl!

    A long time ago I came across that 101 in 1001, it sounded like a really neat idea!

  8. Thanks for the mention :)

  9. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks for the lists, Great Site, I love it, good job.

    Edited by admin!

  10. Wow! This is quite an encyclopedia here. Lecture for about one month.

  11. Excellent Pearl. Some good reading here. A lot of it!

    You beat me to the idea. I have my own list of lists developing too :-)
    A different list though.

  12. @Ken: this’ll be THE resource for 101 lists now onwards ;)

    @Shankar: glad you like it :)

    Thanks for stumbling guys!!

    @Mike: you are right, I saw that project even before I started blogging and had it in my bookmarks but now so many 101 lists are springing up, thought why not post ’em .. I think its a great idea and may be I’ll try it one day!

    @Tricia .. you are most welcome. Thanks for the great ideas :)

    @Simonne: hehe these are bound to keep us occupied for sure

    @Sue: :) I can’t wait to see your list.. I’m sure it’ll be very interesting idea too…

  13. Thanks pearl, that is a comprehensive resource list!

  14. you are welcome ET… thats a nice list you put together!

  15. pearl,

    Thank you for including my list in your list.

    Looks like a ton of reading to do this week ;)

  16. haha Pearl…..
    sounds like a meeting of the list makers here…….
    I will certainly bookmark for future reference….
    hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for the mentions in your awards posts :=X

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  18. hey George: welcome! yes, I am out of ideas on blogging now :) all of this information has overwhelmed me now!!

  19. Hey Kim: You are welcome!! Yes, I am still getting over all the festivities :) thanks for swinging by! tc

  20. we’ll need 101 comments on this entry :) And at least 101 visits from stumble ;)

  21. Right :) digg it and lets see what happens :) thanks Mig..

  22. ahhhh, digg too?

    PS: I have something to tell you. Let me know when you have time.

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  25. An awesome list of lists. It’s going to take me forever to go through them.

  26. thank RT… :)

    Hey Mig: will write on gmail in a sec… or meet me at gtalk? same id as e’

    oh gosh, i just saw on Digg its got maaany diggs already… :) yay.. im glad everyones finding it useful

  27. Yay you are back! So good to see you made Digg!

    Best of luck!

  28. thanks for the help Glenn :) I am sure inactivating the plugins eased up some load on the server!

    oh check out delicious popular pages today :)

    thank you all so much!

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  30. Pearl,
    Thanks for including my list, and congrats on all the traffic this post has received!

  31. Thank you for the list ,good job.

  32. you are welcome Steven… and thank YOU for writing great articles on strategies that work ;)

    @blogsir: you are welcome!! glad you like the idea! lists aren’t mine ;) tc and kit

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  38. Thank you for the list and especially for pointing 101 in 1001, that is great place to find inspiration indeed

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  41. Great list of lists. I’d like to see 101 items on it, though… Just kidding, great work, Dugg!

  42. hey GZO’Conner: thanks :) believe me I sat on this post for a long time ‘coz thats what I wanted to do.. make it a 101 items long, but then got a bit too impatient! thanks for the vote..

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  44. Hi Pearl, thanks for the link and congratulations on your home page visit on Digg.

  45. Hi Jason.. thanks! and thank YOU for putting together nice lists :)

  46. For #9 – 101 freebies – you really should link to the actual source article at businessweek

  47. […] Best 101 Lists by Pearl […]

  48. Hey Pearl,
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received a good bit of traffic the last few days from this post and I’m sure the others have as well.

  49. Hey Steven, Im going thru the stats as we speak, and its amazing graph and the numbers are really crazy! Im really glad everyone gained from it :) thanks for letting me know, feels good to know!

  50. So many lists. So little time. I took the liberty of trying to find out which was the most popular outgoing link, just to see which topic people were interested in the most. As of the moment, 101 Best Web Freebies is number one followed by 101 Space Facts. It’s interesting because they weren’t the top 2 links I would have expected. :)

  51. Hi Jen_Chan.. I did that too and noticed the same results this afternoon and was surprised with the way it looks… Im not sure if this is a good measure though! Glad you are enjoying these :)

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  56. Hi Owen… you are right… I was thinking of doing that… thanks for suggesting… consider it done :)

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  59. A great list of lists.

    A pity my list is only of 100, otherwise it can be added in :(

  60. […] Best 101 Lists by Pearl This is a list of 40-something lists of 101 things. One even leads to a list of 1001 lists, and I’m sure many of the others also have links as part of their 101 listing. Pearl deserves a round of applause for just giving me a happy information-overload high as I try to contemplate the geometrical exponential explosion of it all! […]

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  64. Pearl,
    How did you ever find so many 101 lists? I especially like Skellie’s 101 Essential Blogging Skills – it is a good list to review when I need a little extra motivation!

  65. Hey Neena… good to see you here…

    I had a lot of these bookmarked in my delicious account, some in google and firefox favorites, so thought of collecting them in one place and sharing ..

    Skellie is a Pro of course :)

  66. How long have you been gathering those “gems”? I am fond of really useful sites, but your collection is impressive. My vote for it.

  67. thank you Xoel!! Oh, I don’t even remember… but I do have some really neat bookmarks that I’ll be spilling out slowly ;)

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  69. Great list! or should I say, great list of lists! is a great site as you has stated (#46).

    I am creating a website that will compile lists of all kinds. The URL is and you can watch the site development in progress. The anticipated launch date for the full site is January 1, 2008.

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  73. Great job on the lists and on all your successes with it! I’m definitely going to try and scan over all of those shortly. ;)

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  75. glad you like them Tay… welcome to this blog… hope to see you around more often!

  76. Thanks for adding me! I’m going to have to check out all these others!

  77. you are welcome Jen…. thanks for writing it! tc

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  79. Hi Pearl,
    This isn’t technically a 101 list but it is a great list for Free applications!

    It actually has at least 117 if you go to page 2.


  80. thank you Glenn… thats a huge resource you found… I haven’t clicked on any of the links yet but seems pretty useful stuff! tc

  81. Thanks for sharing this compilation of lists. I’m going to be busy this weekend sifting through them!

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  85. Fantastic list of lists (and in some cases of lists).

  86. Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

  87. […] you are someone who finds list interesting, you might want to check out Best 101 Lists. Its not the 101/1001 lists, but other random lists of 101 things, such as organizing, blog tools, […]

  88. Cool design, great info!

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  90. Wow! What a phenomenal resource – thank you for the work you did to make this happen, will definitely be looking through these lists for a while as reference/inspiration.

    – Iain

    Iain Hamp’s last blog post..Social Media

  91. Good lord there’s a lot of 101 lists!

    Um, if I were to post something that was 101, would I possibly make it to this list? :D


  92. @Jay – of course, if it’s something that’s unique, i’ll add it to this list – sure

  93. It seems you just used great tip from Aaron Wall about SEO –

    was it knowingly or not knowingly – well done – good job :)

  94. I have a list of 101 Highly Effective Ways to Sell Your Stuff Using Online Classifieds which I would like to be added to your excellent list

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  96. Now I won’t get any work done today, thanks for these lists ! :)

  97. Thanks for the nice list! Now I will give back some nice quotes:

    Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed.

    Love doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

    Life resembles a novel more often than novels resemble life.

  98. Great. It’ll take me a while to go through all of these. Thanks.

  99. Do you know why I like lists? Because instead of bookmarking 100 pages I can bookmark one :) I even saved a copy on my hd of this one so I don’t loose the list if you ever go offline :) Thanks

    Tudors last blog post..Private non-profit educational sites do exist

  100. This is really great. I could use this. I havent came across this yet.Great information too. This is worth bookmarking. Thanks for the post.

    Mekas last blog post..Paying You To Earn Money

  101. Thanks a lot for this exhaustive list …

    I am bookmarking it

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  104. Excellent compilation. I thank you for sharing.