Find Page Rank of Every Page of Your Site

With so much talk about page rank in the past few weeks, I read a lot of articles, as I am sure all of you did too. I also read a lot of people mentioning different page ranks for their internal pages and wondered what my site’s individual pages ranked at.

So a couple of minutes of search on Google, [did I mention I LOVE Google because these guys rock?] I was taken straight to the article “Find Pagerank for Internal Pages of your site” [note the power of correct headline]. Jon Lee, the author of this article and blog, provides a link to a site named LivePR which not only provides page rank of your site’s individual pages, it also sorts them for you!

BTW, I found Jon’s site very interesting and have subscribed! Another add to my ever growing google reader! which needs a thorough cleaning soon and I will be thinking of Meg’s letter to her subscribers and her criteria for dropping some feeds, ‘coz I find it intimidating to see 1000+ new items every time I open it!

Back to individual page rank calculations! This is how my pages are ranked and although I didn’t get a PR5, I am pleased to see a lot of PR3s and a couple of 4s in the mix…

Why would you need to know the PR of individual pages? Well, read Jon’s article and then don’t forget Kumiko’s article that talks about a bit more on how people are using this number!

[I thought of providing links to these articles, ‘coz its running over the format and is really not useful, so Im working on the links right now]

PR 4 Home Page
PR 4 The Last Lecture
PR 3 Smile, its your anniversary
PR 3 State of blogging and some
PR 3 Is Procrastination a habit?
PR 3 Our Thoughts and Fears
PR 3 Creating Content from Everyday Life
PR 3 My Journey in Persuasion
PR 3 Comfortable?
PR 3 Would you Hire this man as yourplumber?
PR 3 Hottest Contest I have ever come across
PR 3 Should we drop the paid text links or not?
PR 3 Is this guy confused?
PR 3 Managing Interruptions at work
PR 3 Yahoo Photos Closing
PR 3 Get SEO Score for your site
PR 3 free money at pureblogging
PR 2 Ideas worth spreading
PR 2 How to be happy
PR 2 Skrt – a new digg for women
PR 2 Being Aware of Now
PR 2 Amazon eStore split in half
PR 2 Signed up for payperpost
PR 2 Bloggers helping bloggers
PR 2 Do Unto Yourself First
PR 1 Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
PR 1 Domain name and transfer to WordPress or not!

So, if you use this tool, let us know how your pages did…..

Now I am off to voting some of my state’s incumbents off, since its election day here ;)

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40 Responses to “ Find Page Rank of Every Page of Your Site ”

  1. Ken… I am glad you are feeling better now :) now now, you really do NOT want to sell any text links… repeat DO NOT SELL TEXT LINKS ON YOUR BLOG :D

  2. Hey Pearl,

    Thanks for taking the time look at my site. New articles should be up on my site within 3 weeks time, after moving to a bigger place, sorting out the internet connection etc. Also I am looking into using feed burner so people could subscribe to the rss by email!

  3. Thats interesting! How have you been?

  4. Kewl tool Pearl, thanks, I’ll check it out.

    Congrats on fairing so well with so many pages :-)

  5. Hey Pearl – you should go check! It’s showing PR10’s – grab a screen shot while you can ;)

  6. WOW… here I go :)

  7. okay somethings messed up with all things technical today Meg :) look at your comment and mine above yours… I was replying to your message but how the heck its showing above yours???? LOL so much for technology!

  8. Bizarre! You could edit the time stamp on your comments (or mine) if you could be bothered ;)

  9. guess what, I just realized that I was in the middle of fixing this blog’s time stamp while you were writing your comment! It was always set to the default – UTC time but now it is Boston, US time, so you being ahead of us, your first comment was at 1:25am of November 13th, your time, but your 2nd comment is my time! and it appears comments show up in chronological order of time/date…

    I’ll let it remain like this for some time and would be interested in watching how time zone affects comments :) it is bizarre but it’ll be fun to watch……

  10. PR fluctates every few months on my site. i really cant be bothered to keep track. unique visitors is much more important

    dave sos last blog post..Chinese New Year 2009

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