Flickr’s Two Billionth photo

I am not sure if you saw this or not yet, but thought I’d not want to miss posting about such a huge milestone reached by one of my favorite sites.

A user named yukesmooks from Brisbane, Australia, posted the following as 2 billionth picture to Flickr.


I wonder what the first billionth picture was! Anyone seen that? I don’t even remember if Flickr announced their first billionth or any of these milestones!

The picture above is a shot of a gum tree as posted by Flickr staff on their blog! Must be an awesome feeling for yukesmoos getting all that attention!

What was your biggest milestone in the on line world?

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13 Responses to “ Flickr’s Two Billionth photo ”

  1. My first biggest was being asked to participate in a meme. I thought that was the ultimate! Now I have passed the 25K visitors mark so that is my latest milestone – hopefully many, many more to come!

  2. hey teeni… I remember that one too :) my first meme came from Kim (Laktrees) for the five things why I blog and that changed a lot of the things for my blog (in a good way) and then other people tagged me for different things… small milestones did make huge differences.. like me writing my first guest post for freshblogger and then my first 25 subscribers and I was really thrilled when i got a hundred RSS subscribers! then when problogger subscribed to my blog and one day stumbled one of my posts! all of the things have been extremely positive and encouraging! I haven’t even seen what my visitors mark is but the Alexa ranking is quite satisfying so far (for whatever its worth) :)

    thanks for always coming by and commenting teeni… ive got to stop by your place soon… tc…

  3. Recently, I’ve just passed a milestone of shame: Spam 10.000+ comments.
    It’s increasing to 12.000+ today!
    I get daily spam as much as 500+!

    And about the milestone of fame: earning increase to $15 a day now. :)
    I’m really happy that bum marketing really working well. Hope to see another uprising on my stats. :p

  4. I think mine was starting a blog! :-)

  5. Coming across you and your blog was a milestone for me Pearl – when bloggers I respect give me good feedback it always feels good.

    A major milestone for me recently was being included in the top 100 Australian and top 50 Australian Women’s blog list. Then what do I go and do soon after – abandon that blog and start all over again. Oh well I have a goal at least – to get into the lists with the new blog!

  6. hmmmmm mine is starting a blog too lol! no just dont ask abouit my personal life milestones LOL! ;)

  7. no=now :) How you been btw?

  8. hey Ken: haha milestones of shame and fame :) thats funny…. congrats on increased earnings….. cheers for bum marketing :lol:

  9. @Aruni… thats a cool milestone in itself :)

    @Sue: awww that is soo darn nice of you :) I wonder what I’ve done to deserve this but thank you so much!

    you know, I’ve been thinking about your blog in those terms too.. but then whats done is done, and the most wonderful thing is that the relationships built will always be there, your current blog or any other, its your voice that everyone knows and it’ll be heard loud and clear from just about anywhere..:)

  10. I’m doing fine Kaylee, thanks!


  12. I haven’t achieve my milestone yet. It would happen when I make my first million dollar ;) hehe!

  13. thanks for stopping by CK… just don’t give up.. one step at a time and soon you’ll get there :)