How do you prefer to subscribe? via Email or RSS?

I’ve been swamped with more and more blogs that are landing in my favorites folder or different readers.   I have used Google Reader, majority of the times but also like to use Bloglines and Netvibes as well as FireFox but lately I have felt inundated with the RSS subscriptions and have been signing up via email subscriptions!

I also have a few newsletter subscriptions albeit very few and they are enjoyable because they bring me to the blog if I haven’t checked what they’ve been doing lately….


Oh, I do employ a lot of the techniques described by the experts to make these readers more organized.  As a matter of fact, I collected some good links in this post Google Reader hacks – repository; but it seems this is an ongoing problem.

I am sure most of you are reading hundreds of feeds and some must also be using more than one means of getting to your favorite blogs.

So,  here are some of my questions:

Do you prefer to subscribe via RSS readers OR via email?

AND If you use RSS readers,

1) which reader do you prefer for most of your subscriptions?

2)  Do you share your subscriptions with others since most of the Readers provide that facility!

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38 Responses to “ How do you prefer to subscribe? via Email or RSS? ”

  1. In my case, I can’t say the same. All of mine, except for one, was spam. Either spam comments for cars and pron, or they were trackbacks from splogs.

    So I can’t complain. Not sure what is going on with yours, but then I don’t get nearly as many comments as you do.

  2. I am always the chosen one I know!! and with spam comments getting lengthier by the second, its becoming more and more difficult to browse thru them to look for any good comments trapped in there!

  3. I never thought about dedicating an email account for that stuff. I guess I just have such a hard time as it is to remember all my sign-ins and passwords. Yikes. My little incredible shrinking brain. LOL.

  4. I always subscribe to feeds using Google Reader. I appreciate the way I am able to tag entries that I may want to reference later, and it integrates well with all the other stuff I have attached to my igoogle page.

    I can skim new posts, check the weather and watch my calendar all on a single page this way.

  5. @teeni: naaah :) you are fine… we all forget them… may be writing them somewhere and keeping them safe would help? :)

    @Chris: Google reader is great but I’m also a bit cautious in general about relying on just one source for just about everything…. what if google started to charge for all its services one day? don’t get me wrong, I use their documents and calendar, google base and page creator, the desktop and just about every service, but I also use other apps for the same services in case I ever have to divorce Google ;) some paranoia :) but it helps… thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’ve used just about everything, but nowadays I use iGoogle – dividing things into my own tabbed categories.. for example, I filed you under Blogging.

    But like all of us, it’s just too much.. I’m thinking of seeing if I can use Mac’s new Mail and write some filter rules.

    So many posts :-)

  7. I use iGoogle also but I am just getting a bit paranoid these days with Google so am using netvibes more and more, and already have 6 pages with millions of links :)

    One of these days I need to buy a Mac!! I’ve had too many friends talk down to my little pc :lol:

  8. You definitely need to go Mac. There is no longer any question about it – Vista is horrible and basically, it’s over: time to switch.

    I hadn’t seen Netvibes.. I’ll look into it.

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