My lovely browser FireFox is hanging up!

red panda (also known as firefox).
Red Panda – also known as Fire Fox photo by Damouns

and giving me quite a heartache for the last couple of days now! I haven’t used IE for eons although have IE7 installed, just for the heck of it! But I am so used to the add ons in FireFox that working with any other browser feels so foreign. Thank God, I don’t have a problem with accessing my favorites since I transported all of them in Delicious! Yeah, so much for relying on technology!

Which makes me wonder what I will (and you all will) do if we didn’t have access to the internet? chilling thought, isn’t it?

Okay so the browser does load up, but it hangs up on ‘Options’, which are set to clear cache on exit, or on logging on to my beloved social networking site StumbleUpon; which is one of my most favorite activities on a daily basis now and needless to say, it’s added to the ‘blues’!

yes, I am really frustrated and feeling sort of sad…

This post I am writing from IE on the desktop (which has XP home edition, but when I go to install google toolbar or some other apps, the message comes up that the OS is not compatible for the app – they detect my OS to be some older version of Windows 9+, which is beyond my comprehension… strange, isn’t it? And for that reason, cannot install Windows Live Writer on the desktop either, my favorite editor). I use Dell Laptop Inspiron 9300 for just about everything and have used it for almost two years now… AND it is slowing down! *SIGH*

And on top of that seeing the subscriber numbers down to 57 this morning gave me the ultimate shock! Only to see that other blogs were also showing dropped counts on the feedburner chicklet, and that I wasn’t the chosen one this time, was able to have my morning coffee with some peace!

Reading tons of great articles is all I am going to be doing for today (or tomorrow) until I get some of these issues resolved.

I need help! I have tried un-installing and re-installing fire fox, but nothing seems to work! Any ideas? It started happening with the latest upgrade ff

UPDATE: Nov. 6th, 2007… finally, I have my baby back, my lovely firefox is all fixed now! Had to delete ALL impressions of the old and do a fresh install! what’s with that? out with the old, in with the new? [this msg should actually have been on twitter] Thank you Mike and Lee for helping to gear me in the right direction!

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15 Responses to “ My lovely browser FireFox is hanging up! ”

  1. Meg: thanks Meg… finally today, after uninstalling and manually deleting ALL of the folders, mozilla as well as firefox, profiles etc, I was able to install a fresh version… but I am not going to install SU add on, I read many places that the newest version has issues with SU toolbar….. may be thats what broke the whole thing…

    I think being a finalist in itself is a feat :)

  2. Hey Kim… thanks… I like IE7 also but I love firefox more for some reason :)

    I liked that panda too – had no idea its also called fire fox :)

  3. Glad you got it sorted.

    I hope it’s not the SU toolbar – that would be annoying – you trust these updates are stable and tested.

    I hate it when all the little things I get to rely on don’t play nicely together (like some of my plugins). They’re like petulant children, and I have enough of those to content with!

  4. :lol: I know what you mean… I have so many different plugins for sharing on social networks and none of them (other than bookmarkit) work with this theme! Just be careful updating firefox – I believe it is SU toolbar though!

  5. Oh, I didn’t know that. Thank you Pearl! I will start keeping an extra copy of my favorites in Google – I was using it as a reader anyway. Neat! ;)

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