5 Easy Ways To Maintain Weight During Holidays


Every other place you look on the internet, you can find people talking about Losing Weight after holidays or as a resolution for the new year.

I think we shouldn’t start out the holidays on a pre-supposition that we are going to definitely gain weight. Because when we associate holidays with gaining weight, we also take some of the enjoyment out of the celebrations.

Losing weight is not a simple matter as most would agree but there are simple things that can be done to help maintain it .

New Year isn’t too far and the holidays are upon us, so how are you going to maintain your current weight?

Here are some of the easy to follow “rules to remember

1. Exercise Moderation

Eat and drink in moderation. Being aware of what you eat and drink will help big time in your goal of keeping fit. The best way to enjoy any party is to stay awake (and not puking) during the whole event. While alcoholic drinks are part of the celebrations, they do add up your overall caloric intake. Choosing water over other drinks, alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic low-calorie drinks will not only keep you well-hydrated, it’ll also help if you are serious about not only maintaining weight, but also losing it.

Even though, everything looks delicious around the food table, making it easier to over indulge, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. First of all, don’t fill up your plate with lots and lots of food. If you couldn’t resist and did want to try all the deserts presented, keep in mind that you don’t have to finish everything and empty the plate. Avoid second and third servings by walking away from the food. If you must sit around the food table, have lots of water nearby. Also, do not starve yourself all day in order to eat more at the dinner party!!

2. Plan for Diet Food Takeouts

While you are busy doing last minute shopping this week, it is very likely that by the time you get home, after waiting in lines and getting stuck in traffic, you are completely exhausted and if you are also working out of your home, the problem is even worse because you have less and less time to cook dinner. Chances are you’ll be tempted to pick up something on your way home.

While take out food can be a great time saver, pay attention to the calories for each item offered. Most restaurants are eager to please the diet conscious customer and with a little bit of planning, you can have the right kind of healthy food delivered ahead of time. Here is a list of Diet Food Delivery Services within USA as well as Abroad.

3. Stay Active

Holidays can be a very stressful for some of us. We all also know that exercise has many benefits and can get rid of stress so why do we stop exercising during holidays? This is the time we need to stay active more than any other time. Regular exercise will not only burns calories, it also helps to elevate moods!! and help us sleep better.

Because of shorter days and busy schedules during holidays, you are not likely to have as much time to exercise as normally. Instead of skipping it altogether, doing shorter versions of your regular routines might be better. Using stairs instead of elevators at work and escalators in the malls will add to your overall workout.

4. Manage Your Emotions

Winter and holidays together may not make you feel as happy and cheerful as you think you should be or are expected to, may be you feel sad, may be you feel lonely as the celebrations peak but this is no time to beat yourself over it either.

This is no excuse to hang around the refrigerator either. Because even though you may feel overwhelmed by these emotions, remember the adage, this too shall pass. So sticking to your sensible eating plan will not only give you the feeling of control, it’ll also help your self esteem by keeping the weight in control.

5. Finally, when Less means More

Point #5 is to always remember that:

Less weight means more fun, more happiness!

Any time of the year.

photo: Mr+G

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16 Responses to “ 5 Easy Ways To Maintain Weight During Holidays ”

  1. I think it’s nice to think you won’t gain too much weight but the reality is all those baked goods, egg nog, and family gatherings are sure to make you nibble on a little more than usual ;)…guess the only way is exercise like you suggested.

  2. Ahh Shelly… Sleep is something I am in desperate need of! I can see how it can become a problem for just about all of the problems …. glad to have you on the blog Shelly…. stay in touch!

  3. And I’ve already received a couple of plates full of beautiful cookies Matt ;) and I haven’t even been to the gym in a few days! oh well, I hope someone can follow these tips ;P lol thanks for stopping by!

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  6. Great before and after topic. Weight maintenance is really a sizzling topic among us during holidays, regarding the fact that there are lots of tempting foods to chew upon. But here’s the most important part, during the holidays the best way to help you maintain your weight is to DRINK WATER. Often, we mistake thirst for hunger, so the next time you feel like chowing down, have a glass of water instead. Drinking water will not only help you feel full, but it also adds volume and weight to your meal. Experts and doctor say; “Water helps you eliminate toxins and chemical reactions in your body. It also helps your body deliver the right amount of nutrients, antibodies, hormones and oxygen through your blood streams. Helping your body regulate all mechanisms, and everything that dissolves and circulates.”

    So start your day right. Drink lots of water. Have fun, exercise by walking while shopping, dancing with friends. Or simply having a fitness session in the convenience of your home. But don’t forgot, whenever your thirsty – Drink up!

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