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HangingOnMy struggle to stay consistent with blog postings continue but as you can see holidays and holiday blues have slowed me down! I definitely need to do something to get over holiday blues, may be I’ll try writing about it, and see if that breaks the spell I am under right now..

It must be a spell because no matter what I read and want to write about, just cannot bring myself to do it. I have to say though that despite these shortcomings in the blogging life, I am blessed with so many great friends and meet such nice people every single day that even if I wanted to give up blogging, I wouldn’t be able to, ‘coz the stakes are too high, ‘coz I’d lose too much and I don’t think I could bear that.

I exchanged a couple of comments with Steven Snell of Vandelaydesign the other day asking him how he comes up with such killer posts on a consistent basis and he gave some pointers as to writing lot of the ideas in a notepad, and writing most of the posts on the weekends so as to avoid the last minute pressure just before publishing. I write down a lot of the ideas too but my notes and ideas are scattered at different places such as in my notebook, on pc, on laptop, in Windows Live Writer, in Blogdesk and even some in Qumana – the editors I have used for posting.

cellphonesAnd, what to do when an idea comes to mind while you are driving at 75mph? Pulling out a notebook is kind of difficult and with the music playing on one hand, dealing with the road rage on the other, ideas vanish very quickly!

But as they say, there is a solution to every problem and as I was browsing aimlessly today, I found a gem called Jott – ” a service that automatically converts your voice into e-mail and text messages—anytime, anywhere, with any cell phone. Jott™ makes you more productive and efficient by capturing your ideas, notes to self, tasks, and more without using your keypad.”

I registered and the whole process was pretty easy. Basically you register your email and cell phone number with them. Call the toll free number, talk about your idea or the to-do-item and hang up. Thats all! Jott converts your voice message into text which is then sent to you in the email. I tried the service by sending myself a couple of notes and they worked like a charm.

The service is in beta and right now it is only available to US and Canada residents.

Jott also works with Twitter, Google Calendar, WordPress (blog while you are talking?), Blogger, tumblr and many more services.

The best thing is that its free. I love it so far and will be using it to jott down ideas for posts. I recommend giving it a try, I am sure some of you will find it quite useful!

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13 Responses to “ Better To-Do Lists – Jott yourself reminders ”

  1. That is interesting. Too bad there is nothing similar in my area yet!

  2. Hey, I like the idea of Jott, so I signed up and guess what! it’s not available in Australia :( I may have to look for an alternative. Let me know how it works for you… very curious indeed!

  3. sorry Simonne! I’m sure if its successful, they’ll make it available to wider audience? lets hope!

    Ange: I definitely will write a review after using it for sometime… I should write more reviews :) I just ‘bolded’ that line that its still beta and only available in US and Canada!

  4. This is a great little service. But for those that don’t have access to it, don’t give up all hope. I find myself technologically challenged at times but I realized that my cell phone actually has a memo feature that allows me to record a few seconds of my voice and save it to be listened to later. It has allowed me to remember the pattern name of a certain china I liked to look up later on the internet and to record a funny story my dad told me – so in addition to my little notepad and pen which I keep with me at all times, I also have that handy little cell phone for when note taking is inconvenient. But I do like the idea of this service because it lets people who don’t have that capability on their cell phone do the same thing!

  5. I love Jott – I use it to submit items to both my to do list ( as well as my backpack account. It is really handy when in the car or away from my pc to make sure I don’t forget stuff.

    I really haven’t used it with others though – just for my own organization.


  6. Interesting read as always from you.

    You know what: I also have my struggle to stay consistent with blogging – sometimes hard to find something interesting to tell. But then again, its a Givers Gain: the more you share and give, the more you get – like meeting friends like you with interesting observations.

  7. @teeni: I like that cell phone of yours :) I am looking for a new cell phone now so I’ll definitely be looking something with that feature!

    @Scott: I use backpackit and their tada but will have to try toodledo – does it have more features than tada?

    I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable posting something while I am talking to my cell phone but Im sure some savvy bloggers would like it very much!

    @RennyBA: thanks!! :) good to have you back Renny…. tc and kit

  8. Thanks for the mention Pearl! I have never heard of Jott, but it’s a great idea. I’ll have to check it out.

  9. you are welcome Steven! I’ve been using it since morning today and love it so far… messages are very accurate! Especially when I was going back to work after lunch, there was so much going through my head – appointments and other errands I would otherwise have forgotten, just made it a breeze!

  10. hey, don’t worry about your posts… some good points but if the holiday season is holding you down, why not give back to your community? like writing a review on a commentators site? or do some fun, yet not corny, holiday stuff…

    but jott sounds interesting, though, i’m old-fashion… i carry a tape recorder around lol


  11. Interesting service. I will have to check it out. I used to leave voice messages for myself but I’ve also heard that many PDAs/cell phones have a recording feature. I look forward to reading more about your experiences with it.

    Holiday blues? Why not make them the holiday oranges? :-)

  12. hey Aruni… so far its been great – although just a couple of days but I’m really liking it …..

    huh… how to turn ’em into oranges? send me the recipe pls! :)

  13. Very interesting. I’ve been looking for a good way to store and remember ideas on the fly. Thanks.

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