Would You Want to Exchange Social Media Information?


Does it ever happen to you that you are working on a post and then someone else writes on the same subject? I find it happening to me very often and I end up feeling my post isn’t going to be as good and I won’t publish it! Just recently it happened twice with the same person – JohnTP, who has a post today on exchanging social media contacts.

I had this post sitting in my drafts for sometime now but I never took the time to publish it but seeing John’s post, I thought it might not be such a bad idea after all because he took the idea from Daniel Scocco who had done the same thing!

One of the reasons I kept it in the drafts folders was that I am not active on many of the sites I have joined. The only sites I check regularly are Stumble Upon, Digg, MyBlogLog and now Mixx. But here are some of the sites you might want to join me on.

Leave your contact info or profile url in the comments section so that other readers and I can also join you.


Because of spam, your comments with links will go in the moderation queue and I will approve them at my earliest. I’ve got to brave the yucky weather now as we have frozen rain and sleet and it is not very pleasant! Actually it is completely opposite of pleasant! Did I say I hate to drive in this weather? People forget to slow down and almost every main highway is clogged with accidents every few miles!

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23 Responses to “ Would You Want to Exchange Social Media Information? ”

  1. Hi Pearl. I saw the post at Johntp also. It was one of the most useful and interesting posts I have seen in awhile. It opened up a lot of things. And yours can too. I don’t think you can have too many of these as long as they are legitimate and this certainly is.
    My SU page is http://davidlinden.stumbleupon.com and I look forward to seeing you there.
    I’ve also been reading up on Del. icio. us and networking with it.


  2. Comments will be closed on this date or AFTER this date?

  3. Hi David: this is a plugin I had installed and activated! guess these are the default settings… leaving the statement comments will close on dec 30, 2008 doesn’t make sense, :) I’ll look into it sometime today..

    thanks for stopping by and commenting… added you to my delicious network! tc

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