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Simonne asks ‘What is your best blogging achievement?” in the writing project she is hosting! How can I call any one of the milestones as my best blogging achievement ever? Each of the events has stood out bigger and better than the ones before and left me completely in awe! There were times when I was not getting a single comment on my posts and was overjoyed at getting my first comment from Grace of NeonScent! Since then, I have been showered with so many friendships, so many comments and so much support that I can’t even begin to count!

Looking back at some of the events, I wonder, could my first guest post at freshblogger, when I was still a “new kid on the block”, be counted as my biggest achievement? Or was it when I got tagged with my first meme? I was really happy to be tagged by Kim and it meant I had gained someone’s attention and they thought my blog worthy of including. Then I got showered with tons of awards which put me on cloud nine! All of this encouraged me to gather some courage and even participate in a contest (albeit at the last minute, because being that I am a bit reserved and shy, almost to the point of being called an introvert and I think like a million times before participating) in which I ended up as one of the runners-up and also won me a text-link at the contest site!

It was during one of these days that I had commented on a post when Darren told me he had subscribed to my RSS feed… Now that was a huge thing for me if you remember and I couldn’t contain my happiness. Could that be considered my biggest achievement? Or when Andy Beard dugg my article on male-female ratios of 50 most influential blogs ? and Darren stumbled it?

OR should I consider my latest post on Best 101 Lists as one of my best achievements when it got popular on StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious as well as Mixx – all at the same time, bringing me tons of backlinks, more than 12,000 visitors all in a short amount of time and the technorati rank in the top 10K?

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So, I don’t think I can call any one of these as my best blogging achievement! Each one of the above listed events was an achievement in itself and brought immense satisfaction and joy. But all of these achievements had one and only one aspect in common, and that is the people, who either came to comment on this blog, or subscribed, and slowly became cherished friends!

And, even though it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with writing every day during holidays, shorter days of winter and amidst other life obligations, I am having the best of time doing it. I love the fact that I can talk to people with different backgrounds and cultures all over the world. And THAT I think is my best blogging achievement.

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34 Responses to “ My Best Blogging Achievement ”

  1. Your continual progressive climb upwards is the marker to the hard efforts you put forth Pearl. You keep it real, and it shows.

    To have Darren subscribe to your RSS and even stumble your posts is a very enviable position to be in, but he wouldn’t be doing so if you weren’t worthy. It’s very high praise for someone very derserving :-)

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  3. Hey Deborah… you have been very supportive of my efforts and thats the reason I was able to continue too – so thank you for being there :)

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