Blogapalooza – What I Learned from 2007

Group Writing Project - What I Learned From 2007

Okay, that was the first for me too… I mean, I had never heard the word Blogapalooza before either… but this has been a very popular term in the past few weeks at MiddleZoneMusings where Robert held another Group Writing Project called What I Learned from 2007 and you had to pick the posts that taught you something.

I am glad I was able to make the deadline as the project ended last night.  Today all the entries are up at Robert's Blog – Middle Zone Musings. There are some fantastic entries if you are looking for some inspiration.

PS:  you are welcome to check out the most commented list to see the included posts as one of the links is messing up and Robert will be fixing it later tonite.

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7 Responses to “ Blogapalooza – What I Learned from 2007 ”

  1. I’m glad you made it at the last minute, Pearl! Thanks for participating, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to go back and read the rest of the posts. (Got pretty busy there at the end…)


    Robert Hruzek’s last blog post..All Entries: What I Learned From 2007

  2. thank you for the opportunity Robert and all the hard work you put in compiling all the entries :)

  3. Oh, this was interesting. I hadn’t heard of it before you mentioned it here now. I am going to try and get over there to read some of those entries!

    teeni’s last blog post..Writing Assignment for January 2008

  4. teeni – I’m really sorry! I know I should have made a post to promote it but just couldn’t find the time! been struggling to get in some regular routine… there are a ton of great posts to read this week though :)

  5. I havent heard of it either

    ::scoots off to read about it ::

    kaylee’s last blog post..Writing assignment 2008-Complaint letter

  6. Yeah, I managed to catch it too, and it was a good experience, since I’ve never really gone back to read my archives :D

  7. it definitely was! I was amazed to see some of the posts also – good and bad and some with zero comments :) good exercise! thanks for stopping by Pelf

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