Don’t Let Someone Else Claim Your Blog

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Photo stealing, content theft, RSS scrapers, people hacking into your blog – we have heard about it all, but have you ever thought your entire blog could even be claimed by someone else?

But that is exactly what had happened to Ramkarthic some time ago at MyBlogLog. Someone else had claimed Ramkarthik’s blog back in August of last year and I remember freaking out about it! Talk about dishonesty on the net.  Ramkarthik was able to get the blog ownership back but I can imagine how he might have felt at the time.

So if you have an account with MyBlogLog but hardly ever log in the service, at least now you should go there and claim your blog, just like I am doing right now. There are a couple of methods to claim your blog, either by Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification by writing a post about it or by adding a Meta Tag to your website.

And God forbid, if you are the one whose blog has been claimed by someone else, go here to find out how you can get it back.

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36 Responses to “ Don’t Let Someone Else Claim Your Blog ”

  1. @David – I think its much easier to log in your account @ MBL and verify your site now – than having to confront someone, after the fact! :)

    @Bobby – that thread is really scary at Shoemoney! I never saw it – although Shoemoney is in my feed reader! and Im really shocked to hear your articles have been stolen… you know, I am sick of those guys too who are stealing content – verbatim… and I wrote to adsense the other day only to get back an email that I’d have to send them in writing and mailing via snail mail – Im pretty sure thats what they said but I’ll double check it now..

    thanks for stopping by Bobby – its always good to hear from you

    its an idea to leave the best stuff for offline but its really a shame people do that….

  2. @Ramkarthik – I was wondering what happened and thought you must be busy with your exams :) it was horrible time for you indeed… glad everything worked out

    pearl’s last blog post..Measure your productivity to keep up with goals

  3. Pearl, yeah I had exams and also I was learning few things about Internet Marketing. Glad to meet you again and happy to read your blog.

    Ramkarthik’s last blog post..Do You Post These Types Of Comments?

  4. @Ram – guess all bloggers are moving to IM niche, who is going to talk about the real life? :) take care Ram… always good chatting with you!

  5. […] shares Don’t Let Someone Else Claim Your Blog from Interesting Observations, providing invaluable information that every blogger needs to know in […]

  6. OMG people are really stooping low stealing other people’s my blog log accounts. Thank God I claimed mine ages ago, before this could happen to me.

    staticbrain.coms last blog post..The Shining Path – Un sendero luminoso

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