Mixx, Propeller or Squidoo? Social Media Mega Project

Are you a fan of any particular social media site for networking or bookmarking? If yes, then this is the project you want to pay close attention to for the next month.

Vivien of InspirationBit has organized a Mega Social Media Project that is being hosted by multiple bloggers for multiple social media sites.

conversations_silhouettes by BrianSolis

As you can tell from the post title, I will be hosting this project for Mixx, Propeller (formerly Netscape) AND Squidoo.

Here are the rules to participate in this project:

  • Write a post on your blog and share with us how do you integrate this social media site (Mixx or Propeller or Squidoo) into your blogging or work and tell us about your good or bad experience(s), how would you compare this social networking site with others, what do you like or don’t like about it, how did you benefit from becoming a frequent user of this site, what secrets have you learned about it, what tips or warnings would you like to inform others about?
  • Contact me with your name, email and a permalink to your post. If you don’t have your own blog, you can always write a guest post on my blog, or simply send me your thoughts by contacting me in person.
  • Once I collect the links from all participants and publish them on my blog, you can write another post and link to either all or only your favourite articles by other bloggers.
  • You are allowed to contribute only one article per project/site. You are more than welcome to visit other participating blogs that host projects dedicated to the different social media sites and take part in those projects by submitting your articles about other social networking sites.

Remember, this project is spread over several blogs and there are other social media sites that are hosted at the following blogs.

Networked learning

Here are the deadlines for this project:

  • Start Date: Monday, January 21st
  • End Date: Friday, February 22nd
  • Results Publication Date: Monday, February 25th
  • Final Collaborative Results will be published on Inspiration Bit on Friday, February 29th

I invite all of my readers to participate and write about any of the sites being covered in this project. Even if you are not a very big social media site user, you have one month to try any one of the sites and jot down your observations, tips and tricks for using them efficiently etc.

Vivien is also giving away the cash prize of $125 she won at Daily Blog Tips and All Tips and Tricks, to five project organizers whose projects turn out to be the most successful in terms of number and quality of entries.

Now, I want to say that its not the monetary value of the prize that motivated me to host this project on fresh perspectives, rather, I always wanted to host a group writing project here and Vivien’s ongoing encouragement and support has made it easier. I hope you all participate in the project and learn from tons of articles on various social media sites.

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29 Responses to “ Mixx, Propeller or Squidoo? Social Media Mega Project ”

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  3. […] Mixx, Netscape, Squidoo. Host: Pearl from Fresh Perspectives […]

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun, Pearl! I do hope I have time to write blogging-related articles! :D

  5. hey Pelf… today I drop EVERYTHING to work on your article :) I’ll send it before the day is over :) sorry it took me so long…

    I’d love you to submit one article to any of the three sites I am hosting.. theres a lot of choice here

    pelf’s last blog post..Mixx, Propeller or Squidoo? Social Media Mega Project

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  7. Hi Pearl, so glad you’re on board with this mega project. Good luck with your challenging task of collecting the input on three social networking sites. Thanks for the promotion.
    Can’t wait to see the results here!

    inspirationbit’s last blog post..Social Media Mega Project

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  9. Hey Pearl, plretty interesting idea

    We are friends on Mixx to my knowledge :)

    Glen Allsopp’s last blog post..5 Feeds We Monitor for Clients

  10. I only joined my bloglog..

  11. Am I missing something here? I don’t use any of the above. I’ll be watching this to see what the users actually say about them. I made an account with Mixx but I didn’t have time to figure out how it really works. When it comes to social networks I am a convinced fan of Sphinn (today I even installed the wordpress plugin on my blog), StumbleUpon and a few other sites, less popular.

    Mihaela Lica’s last blog post..The Wakeup Call – Open Your Eyes to the Vastness of the Web

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  15. @inspirationbit – you are welcome Vivien… thank you for organizing it! you have a bigger task so my bests to you as well :)

    @Glen – yes yes .. we are friends on many other sites I think :) so I am expecting an article from you on Mix for sure

    pearl’s last blog post..Mixx, Propeller or Squidoo? Social Media Mega Project

  16. @keeyit – now you know there are many social networking sites that you can join and if you write about any of the ones that are being covered, please do let us know..

    @Mig – Mixx is i think more like Digg except a lot nicer, less intimidating and a lot more friendlier… I have an account on Sphinn but never really used it.. may Im missing out on something and I should use it more often!

  17. Hi Pearl,
    Hope your are well and not too busy :)
    I have a special Award for you :)
    Details here
    Take care and have a great day,

    Colin’s last blog post..January is National Mentoring Month in the USA

  18. Hi Pearl,

    I thought it was a great initiative when I noticed it on his Epic Edits blog.
    I’ve just completed my writing and wondering if I could enter the project on his and your blog as well. (I touched upon several things in my article.)
    My post is here: http://www.photonovice.net/2008/01/25/social-media-in-my-way/

    Best regards,

    Tibor Radvanyi’s last blog post..My Photo Has Been Published

  19. @Colin – thank you so much for considering me for the award … I’ve been under the weather and a lot of depressing stuff going on which is making me literally sick! I soo needed this though :)

  20. he Tibor – I think you shouldn’t enter one post to two blogs but I think as long as you have different posts on different social media sites, you should be able to submit it to that social media site’s host blog. Glad you are participating.

  21. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks a lot for your answer, Pearl. Now my link is working. :-)
    I wrote only one article and I’d keep it only for Brian’s Epic Edits then, since my major topic is photography. I hope you don’t mind it.

    I really appreciate the original idea of this mega project and your work on hosting your piece.

    Best regards,

    Tibor Radvanyi’s last blog post..Social Media In My Way

  22. I’ve hit the frontpage of propeller/netscape a number of times, and traffic wise it’s not all that at all. Sure, the links are nice…but they only send a few hundred visitors to your site if you hit the frontpage.
    Im going to try to focus on Mixx and see its potential.

    Sea Monster’s last blog post..Grenadier Fish

  23. @Sea Monster – May be you can describe your experience with both services or a post on why Mixx is better than Propeller? :) thanks for stopping by! If you do write about it, dont forget to submit the link to this blog

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  27. Hello Pearl,

    Although I see a trackback to my submission above, I’ll be leaving its link here just in case: http://a1-fan-fun.com/my-mixed-views-on-mixx/

    Karen Zara’s last blog post..Interview With Raivyn From Idiot’s Guide to Blogging

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