Spreading the Love via Compassion

I always say that Group Writing Projects are an easy way to blog. Someone else has already done the thinking and picked a topic for you to write your experience or opinions on.


And “Spread the Love NOW” couldn’t have come at a better time for me. There are a lots of the things in this project that resonate with me now. One, that the project is to write something about Compassion, a character trait that I saw a lot of recently when my very close friend passed away. Second, because compassion is a trait that I am very passionate about and I feel we can’t have enough of. Third, the project is organized by the three monks, Albert of Urban Monk, Kenton of Zen Inspired Self Development and Wade of The Middle Way, who so passionately write on all of the subjects that are very dear to me such as meditation, Buddhism, consciousness, spirituality, philosophy and self improvement.

Come closer...As I understand compassion, it is what we feel when we see someone else in pain and we automatically are compelled to do something to relieve them of that pain. Feelings of selfless caring and kindness accompanied by love, regard and patience.

It is easy to find perfect examples of compassion all around us. I’ve been overwhelmed with so much care and kindness in the hospitals, where so many people are suffering and the nurses are helping the patients and their families with those tasks that sometimes even the closest family members avoid doing.

Doctors had told my friend’s family that there was nothing more they could do to save her. The nurses, the physicians, other staff members and just about everyone who had been taking care of her for months or had come in contact with her, as if turned into some sort of a saint, bending over backwards to help us with whatever we needed. It was overwhelming to see so much kindness and so much love and caring. These people would hug us when we were down in the dumps, they would cry with us and listen to us, talk to us about their own sad times.

And it did not matter what color, creed, race or religion someone belonged to in that setting of the hospital. This was in the cancer care institute and majority of the patients were with advanced stages. Its a setting where every one, regardless of their cultural background, becomes aware in a strange manner that we are all connected with each other via some strange common source and that we all have the same destiny in the end. Perhaps, that is the reason you can find everyone helping each other out in a most peaceful manner, trying to do whatever it takes to comfort each other. A true sense of altruism prevailed there. Amidst all the grief, their kindness made it easier for us to go through the ordeal.

As Dalai Lama said,we do not need to become religious, or believe in any ideology, we just need to develop good human qualities to be happy.”

I think if we all exercised similar caring, compassion, kindness and love under normal circumstances, in our daily lives, we could be a much happier society. Happier societies would raise happier and more confident children. And when a person’s self esteem is healthier, he is more successful in life and does not feel the need to ‘attack’ any other and ‘snatch’ from others.


I am so glad Isabella from Change Therapy tagged me for this project. Thanks Isabella.

The Rules of the Game
This is a joint effort by the Three Monks – Wade of The Middle Way, Kenton of Zen-Inspired Self Development, and Albert of Urban Monk.Net. The watches are kindly provided by the coolest timepiece company ever – The Now Watch.
To participate –
1) Write a post as described above. You’re encouraged, although not required, to link to all three of the judges.
2) Contact any one of us, either by emailing, or leaving a comment in one of the judge’s posts.
3) You’re encouraged also to spread the word, tag your friends, and ask them to participate.
4) On 5 January 2008, the three judges will look at all the entries, pick the winners, and publish a list, so we can all share the links and traffic.
5) The results will be posted on 10 January 2008 on all three judge’s blogs. Winners will be contacted for mailing address details so we can send them to you!

UPDATE: I completely forgot I was supposed to tag some, so here it goes.. I’d love to hear what you have to say on compassion…

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26 Responses to “ Spreading the Love via Compassion ”

  1. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks for your post on compassion and your entry into the GWP, it’s fantastic.



    Wade M | TheMiddleWay’s last blog post..Coming to Reality with Dishes

  2. Renny – thats okay… you can still make a post if you want to just share something… I am sorry it was at the last minute, Ive been busy myself with all of the non blogging side of my life :) tc and stay in touch

  3. Hi Wade… thank you for stopping by and commenting :)

    its a nice project! tc

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