Getting Stuck in the Moderation Queue

photo by mysza831

So I finally upgraded to WordPress 2.3.2 this weekend but now all of my comments are going to the moderation queue. I have checked the Discussion Options and do not have the option “an administrator must always approve the comment” box checked!

What could be going on?

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17 Responses to “ Getting Stuck in the Moderation Queue ”

  1. Maybe with the upgrade it is considering everyone a new commenter so it is stopping them all? I don’t really know – just a guess as to what could be happening. Might be a WordPress bug they should check out if that is the case.

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  2. Hi teeni – that couldn’t be it ‘coz previous post was made on the upgraded version and you had commented on that which I had to ‘approve’ and your comment to this post didn’t pass through again!

    At first I thought it was a new plug in I was trying but deactivating that didn’t help either!

  3. A top class photo.

  4. It’s not something in comment luv, is it?

    I hate to say it, but I haven’t upgraded yet. You could always try to check it and save your changes. Then un-check it, and save them again.

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  5. I thought it could be comment luv but checked it and there wasn’t anything I found… may be there is a setting somewhere to hold comments with links – which is what comment luv does, but the only place I could think of was in the Options – Discussions and I changed it to zero….

    the upgrade went pretty smooth so don’t want to touch it again :) I thought I was probably one of the last people to upgrade, I was so afraid!

  6. Zero? I think you want to change it the other way. Heck, you could change it to 20 or 200, and see if comments get through. The wordpress manual says that in some versions, if there is no value in there, then all comments go into moderation.

    I would also try to first disable, and then uninstall, that plugin, just to make sure.

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  7. Hmm thats strange I have no idea but thats a good thing to know if I ever upgrade :)

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  8. I was wrong, I had ONE in there, so now I changed it to *three*… I think with comment luv’s one link, they might not have been getting through!

    I was getting a lot of spam with just a couple of links too – am afraid a lot will get through now :) lets see…..

  9. Test Comment

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  10. Yea! It’s working!

    Mike Scott’s last blog post..I love the Writer’s Strike

  11. thank you Mike…I was hoping you’d come back to test ….:)

  12. No problem Pearl.

    Mike Scott’s last blog post..I love the Writer’s Strike

  13. So here I am then: testing, testing, testing LoL

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  14. So if this one gets trough too, your friends are safely taking care of :-)

  15. Here’s a test for you Pearl. BTW, I just noticed that “last blog post” under people’s comments. That’s a cool plugin!

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  16. thanks RennyBA :)

    @Ghillie Suits… a genuine name please – no advertising in the comments here :) thanks

  17. I would love to know how you got Comment Luv to work in with the upgrade. I’ve got some sites that didn’t have it on them, and after I upgraded, and tried to install it–nothing! Your site is looking good though. I really like that plugin.

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