Awards, Accolades III

I’m happy to say that Awards, Accolades has become a series in itself..  Check out Awards I and Awards II to see what I mean. 

I can’t begin to thank all the wonderful people I have met ever since I started blogging.  These fellow bloggers who have become good friends make my life better each and every day.   So, once again, I thank these shining stars, who have become part of my life, from the bottom of my heart.

You have heard me talk about the most generous soul,  Mig, who not only comes up with the original posts (like 10 reasons why she loves pearl), but also continues to bestow me with numerous beautiful awards and accolades



And what can I say?   Sue from Sueblimely and Kuanyin from Blog Pond and Colin from Free PC Security made me blush by calling me their Blogging Mentor, the award created by Sue.


How can I thank these beautiful people making my world ever so exciting?  Kim the beautiful artist from Laketrees designed another award this year called Significant Blogger Award and it was an honor to receive it from her. sba2


Kim has also spent considerable time coming up with Top 101 Artists’ Blogs which is worth checking out. 



Colin also awarded Best Friends award which is very nice of him.  Colin maintains numerous blogs with a lot of useful information and is always ready to help out anyone in need.  I am proud that he is my friend.   thanks buddy.. (Did I pick up all the awards from you Colin?  I know you’ve been showering me with a lot of them lately lol)

When you get mentioned and recognized by others,  it makes blogging experience even more exciting and makes you want to continue, despite all the struggles that come with blogging.  I started reading Steven Snell’s blog, Vandelay Design, a few months ago and really loved it.   I was surprised when Steven asked to feature me on his new blog, Traffikd, a blog about Social Media and Internet Marketing. Check out this blog for all you want to know about Social Media or Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing and Social Media Blog  Traffikd

Steven was also very kind in including me for his list of 8 Bloggers That Won’t Bite, on PureBlogging.  

What more could I ask?  I am blessed meeting so many supportive and kind friends and I wish the best for all of you

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15 Responses to “ Awards, Accolades III ”

  1. Congratulations! You are most deserving of all your bling. I also think of you as a mentor, personally. :)

    teeni’s last blog post..I’ve Been Booked!

  2. This is great. You’ve become blogging royalty!

  3. @teeni – thanks … you are too kind to me :)

    @David – hardly at all … blogging buddies have been very kind to me :)

  4. Pearl,
    Thanks for the mention and congrats on your awards and accolades!

    Steven Snell’s last blog post..10 Tools for the Social Media Marketer

  5. Google whispered in my ear that you wrote Pond instead of Blond—don’t you love it when they catch you? :-)

    Kuanyin’s last blog post..Blog-Blond Shares Valentine Love

  6. btw – you have been tagged for a meme that this time is one I think you can certainly handle (no iPod necessary). LOL

    teeni’s last blog post..My Awards Collection

  7. :lol: Kuanyin… sorry about that… I’ll fix it… as long as the link did go and wake YOU up instead of some flamer :) glad to have you here

    @Steven – you are welcome.. and thanks lol

    @teeni – so is it the book page 123 meme? I didn’t see my name on that post…

    what? you don’t think I could come up with household tips?? :) I definitely can… Im just afraid to talk about any area of life which starts screaming to people that im really an 80 yr old guy ;)

  8. Thank you for sending your love my way, Pearl. You are one of the people I feel most close to.

    Mihaela Lica’s last blog post..Google and the Lilliputians

  9. likewise Mig… thanks for being there..

  10. Pearl, well done on the Traffikd feature and Vandelay mention – just proves how great you are.
    Thank you for your mention too.

    Sueblimely’s last blog post..Sueblimely Happy Happiness Writing Project

  11. Wanted to come by and congratulate you on the Significant Blogger award from Laketrees! You have a very intriguing blog.

  12. thank you Kim! hope to see you here again…

    pearl’s last blog post..Networking – Necessary Investment for Small Businesses

  13. thank you Sue… and you are always welcome!

  14. Great Job Pearl!

    Mike Scott’s last blog post..Early Cryptonomicon review

  15. lol Pearl…
    I would never have thought of you as a biting blogger….will have to return to check out your latest posts ….when it’s not so late !!
    have a great day :)

    laketrees’s last blog post..Portrait of Laura