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Have you been seeing this pretty image around the web lately? tnx

I noticed it on many many blogs and was thinking what this new thing was. Then one day last month when Vladimir contacted me to ask if I could review this site, I was really excited. My posting frequency in the last few months has really slowed down but Vladimir has been really patient with me, so my thanks go out to him. I am still new to the system but what I read from the site it looks quite interesting.

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

TNX.net is a newer system of buying and selling links for both publishers and advertisers and a way to promote their sites.

From the website itself: “With the help of TNX System you are able to get large amounts of non-reciprocal links from thousands of relevant websites: In just few minutes you can order thousands of links from high quality Internet resources. Links can be placed on main pages as well as on individual, deep pages of websites that either have few other outbound links or no links at all. ”

So, If you haven’t heard about TNX yet, it behooves you to at least try the system, since joining it is free. The interface is pretty easy to follow. Join with just a few clicks and get thousands of links back to your site and start earning some money by selling links on your blog/site. You can register at http://tnx.net/register.php. You automatically get 2,000 TNX points upon sign up. TNX also has a promo going that Vladimir pointed me to this thread: by posting on this thread in the DP forums, you get an additional 5,000 points free.

The best part is that you will have complete control on the sites linking back to your site. Once the space on your website is sold, you can see the list of sites in your control panel and will have an option of banning any site you don’t wish to advertise on your site. Another great thing is that the list of sites taking part in their program is kept private. So, the search engine lords supposedly cannot create an account and go out on a penalty spree.

TNX Points are easily used as real money, either for purchasing links for yourself, transferring to other TNX users (or even selling to them at a price you decide) or even sell them back to TNX for real cash, (currently @ 0.78 per 1,000 points). TNX then pays you via secure PayPal. Something I have never seen any other similar service offer.

Look at the stats from their site.


As of today there have 43,717 users, more than 32 million links in the system and more than 23 million pages indexed! Those are darn good statistics and the participating sites growing each day at a rapid pace.

What I really like about the system is that as publishers, you can sell links on ALL pages of your site, even the ones with zero page rank and make some money. For publishers (that is all of you who are reading this) there is an added benefit from their referral program. TNX.net is giving you 13.3% of the points your referrals earn, and that is a lifetime payment! which is really great.

Some of the requirements for participating it their system are:

number of visitors: at the present time there are no restrictions!
PR: It is preferable to have pages on the site with PR at least 1. You can check it here: volume check of pages’ PR.
domain: preferred are second level domains with paid hosting registered over 6 months ago
site selection by search engines: at least once per month
Number of pages: at least 30 (with regular ranking)
presence in a major catalogue, DMOZ: preferred
PHP: a must

In short, the system looks pretty neat and should be be a great site for catering to the needs of publishers as well as to the advertisers.  I wish them great success.

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  1. I found the documentation to be a bit confusing but they are still in beta and hope they consider all the constructive feedback from the reviews

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