If you were to describe yourself in few words,


How would you do that?

Okay, here’s the constraint, try to describe yourself in just 2 or 3 words. Don’t think about your whole life because that gets confusing. Just concentrate on your state of mind at this very moment, NOW, and see what you come up with.

And of course let us know in the comments what you thought of, or else we’ll never know :-)

Above is a picture of Michael’s daughter from Flickr. I do not know Michael but when I came across this picture on Flickr while browsing, I instantly added him as a ‘contact’. Michael’s entire collection is great and there are tons of inspirational shots in his sets but this one touched me the most because of his explanation below this picture. It took me back to my childhood.

And I instantly felt sad, happy and calm at the same time.

I was sad because every time I think of my dad, I yearn to see him, talk to him and sometimes I listen to his messages on my cell phone voice mail.

I felt happy that he gave me a very enriched childhood, loved us all very dearly and supported us in everything we ever wanted to do.

I felt calm knowing that my mom is doing better. I was talking to a friend the other day who works in a public utilities company. She gets to hear from a lot of the clients on a daily basis about their problems. It was sad to know that so many of the older folk ( the ones in their late 70s or early 80s even) suffer because their water and/or electricity was shut off because they hadn’t been able to pay their bills. It’s really sad but that gave me a weird sense of calmness about my mother ‘coz things could have been much worse than they really are.

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27 Responses to “ If you were to describe yourself in few words, ”

  1. I felt Blessed, Stress and Challenged.

    Blessed, because things seems to be moving into the direction of my goals smoothly. Though there’s some obstacle, I can felt the power of Buddha blesses all over my thoughts and feeling. So, difficulties looks so easy right now. :)

    I’m stress, yep, strange but true. I’m feeling stress although I’m, at the same time feeling blessed. Stress over the pile of works because it has reach the end of month. Well, finance work really a lot for my small company. :)

    Lastly, I’m challenged because my new blog is getting lot of competitor’s attacks for the last couple of weeks. I’m going to call a revenge so it’s kinda challenging. ;)

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  2. Without a doubt, one of the best photographs one can ever see…although, what I’m feeling right now is not based on this photograph….I’m just going to write what I’m feeling right now .

    I feel Happy, Determined & pampered…

    I feel happy because i’ve once again found my friend back..not completely though..but still!

    I feel determined because I want to achieve my aim and I will achieve that for sure.

    I feel pampered because now I know that I’ve a friend who will give me a good advice and is much mature than I am. :)

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  3. This would be good for a meme. LOL – what happens with the memes anyway? Did the trend die? Anyway… hm… I think I am positive, bluntly frank and in love. :) He he!

    Mihaela Licas last blog post..Hakia Is Still Behind Pigeons

  4. @Mig: hehe can’t believe you are missing memes after going on a crusade to stop them LOL you are right, this could really pick up in the blogospere.. Its the greatest of all feelings to be in love, isn’t it? So happy for you

    but I know @Mayank you are also dead against these memes :) I still remember your comment “Oh Please Please stop doing these memes” LOL glad you have great friends ;) You know sincere friends can make life so much easier – Oh I have to tell you some good stories some day

    @Ken: hope you feel less stressed and more blessed soon ;) but don’t take on revenge, that’ll only result in more stress LOL

  5. I felt Happy, Alive and Reflected.

    Happy because life is such a great thing when my vacation now starts.

    Alive because I love to be close to nature and far away from the urban life.

    Reflected because this was a great reminder of how good life is after all.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear blog friend :-)

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  6. I see myself now as Blessed and Underachieved.

    Blessed because I have my family around me, sharing my life, my love, joy and sorrows.

    Underachieved because I expected so much of myself in life but have so far under-delivered. Age is catching up and youth is slowly deserting me.

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  7. @RennyBA: those are the feelings Im striving for :) we do need to stop and take time to reassess our lives every so often.. great weekend to you too Renny… tc

    @betshopboy: I feel underachieved often too but I’m trying to learn to give myself a break and not try to be everything to everyone and be good at just about everything – oh that was a great post idea LOL

    don’t worry about age, we are all on the same path and not knowing how long we will live, I’m changing my attitude now… my aim is to not think about past or future and just live in the moment…

  8. Happy, content, balanced – but don’t ask my wife what three words she would use to describe me. Ha.
    You can still talk to your Dad – he’ll hear you.
    Glad your Mom’s doing well.

  9. LOL – yeah, I know what you mean, but some memes are fun. I didn’t want to stop all of them, just nonsense memes like fave my site and I’ll fave yours – you know, the fave trains that were so popular once. I like blog carnivals (memes in disguise) and fun memes, but certainly not “five songs you like” type of memes. Gosh, there are hundreds of songs I like, each for its special moment. I wouldn’t be so unfair as to mention only five. :P

  10. That is a great shot! (Go Michael!) I can’t read her expression. :P
    I would describe myself as sarcastic, happy, and burning. I’ve always been sarcastic; it’s a reflex. I’m happy I have so many friends on the net and around me, it’s just great. I seem to always have a burning desire in me to go forward and move up. :)

  11. @Morgan – happy content and balanced works and the spouses have the right to think whatever they want, don’t they? :D yes, my mom’s doing as good as can be expected but things could be worse… thank you Morgan..

    @Mig – right.. i know what you mean.. there were so many of these memes that I ignored but sort of miss the good ones, they do bring people together .. so may be we should create a badge to turn this one into a meme :)

    @Grace – you know come to think of it, Im never sarcastic and I need to incorporate some of that in me LOL life would become so much simpler and fun then… it sure is a great feeling to have so many friends on the net, the reason for me to continue blogging even as I cannot think of what to write anymore … Oh that burning desire for achievement might turn you into a future counterpart of Darren Rowse some day earning a 6 figure income ;P

  12. Hi Pearl – What a nice idea and great photo. :)

    I feel content, tired, and hopeful –

    *content – because my life is pretty darn good
    *tired – due too the fact that I have been working seven days a week for over a year
    *hopeful – because I am getting ready to launch a new project with a couple of other bloggers that has the potential to help some people who are truly suffering.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Hello Pearl.

    I like articles that make you think – so good article.

    Let’s see, in a few short words I’m: Curious, Mentally Tired, and Happy (with my life).

    That’s a great photo you posted here. I’ll check out his Flickr photos now.

  14. @Mark: looking forward to your project Mark… and Im glad you are content and hopefull.. but don’t work that hard.. life is too short so enjoy it NOW :) thanks for stopping by

    @John: welcome to my little place… ah curiosity! the greatest virtue to have … glad you are happy… I find meditation helps my mind slow down from everyday chaos

  15. Thank you for the welcome. I use to meditate more when I was in martial arts. Now I meditate about how much I wish I meditated LOL. It’s good though even if it’s just to sit quietly and let your mind run for 10 minutes. I should do that more often.

    Can you by chance expand how much time there is in a day? If you could take care of that, that would be great ;)

    John Hoff – eVentureBizs last blog post..Adding The “Cool Factor” To Your Website

  16. I’d definatly have to describe myself as – Aimed.

    I enjoyed reading this and I liked the photo :)

  17. What a great picture! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who adds strangers like that just because I connect to a picture.

    Regretably, I must say that I would have to describe myself as stressed.

    IT Governance Blogs last blog post..PO2.1 Enterprise Information Architecture Model

  18. I loved the picture you posted here….. So cute… I tired to describe myself in 3 words and these were the words came in my mind….. Simple, Complicated and God Gifted….I don’t know if they really mean something… I am stil trying to figure out that is this what I am…!!!Will let you know when I will get an answer. But anyways this was a nice post.

  19. @John: It’d be awesome on some levels if we could have 35 hours in a day but I’m sure we’ll still be busy :) or busier perhaps…

    @Craig: that’s one of the things I’ve lost for some reason.. keeping my Aim in perspective.. gotta work on that.. glad you enjoyed the post

    @ITGovernance Blog: In the blogging world, no one is a stranger Bill…. we are all in the same boat, trying our best to stay afloat…..

    but Im so sorry you are feeling stressed.. just know you have everything to gain if you reach out and ask for help…

  20. Clever genius. Well…you asked!

    I could add funny and innovative, but you only asked for a few words.

    Now…in about 40 years…probably, sickly, repulsive and reclusive!

  21. i’d go for (a)humble and (b)unbelievably good looking.. a – coz i say so, b – coz my mom says so…

  22. @Ed: those are all great qualities and Im sure you’ll keep them 40yrs from now and beyond :) thanks for stopping by

    @Lars: wow.. Im sure you are… coz moms are usually right :)

  23. This is a really important exercise. People need to be able to brand themselves well for elevator pitches, blog taglines, even resumes and more.

    I also did a short post about it:

    Can You Describe Yourself in One Word?

    Jacob from JobMobs last blog post..20 Best-ever Web Comics About the Job You Want to Leave

  24. Hey, I love all these answers and how you ask the question Pearl, cool idea. Ok, upon short reflection of how I feel here it is:

    I feel blessed, aligned and passionate.
    Blessed about my life
    Aligned with the Universal forces and
    Passionate about what I do every day. :-)

  25. @Jacob.. I read your post. Seems like we all go through almost the same emotions at some point, just the timing is different :)

    @Monika.. those are the feelings most of us are after… great you are at a happy place in life :)

  26. FAT!!! That’s right. I changed my response. Just got back from the Outer Banks and I ate too many buffets. At this rate, I’ll weigh about 800 by December.

    Of course, I may get on Oprah since they will have to cut down the door to get me out!

  27. Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

    Tall: 6’2″

    Dark: Brown hair, Brown eyes, shady, life views similar to a dark comedy.

    Handsome: vain. need to tell myself that every once in a while. cause it goes with the other two.