Interesting Posts Around the Web – June 7th

Simplified Niche Research – I should have read this post before diving into domain buying frenzy I went through some time back. Steven talks about ways to use Commission Junction for finding profitable niches

How to Make an Affiliate Store with Affilistore and Datafeeds Because of Simonne’s step by step instructions on how to set up affiliate stores and niche sites, I ended up buying a few domains and honestly it has given much needed motivation to continue

The Amazing Power of Encouragement Laura Spencer’s article holds so true for me that I had to share it with you all. I am able to come back to blogging because of all the encouragement I have received from you all over the last few months. So, thank you.

Five Tips to Turn Setbacks into Success over at Alex’s blog is an article everyone should read. In Shilpan’s words: “Even the best among us have seen their share of setbacks. Unfortunately, we seldom find their failures in the pages of history.” So true.

Leaning Into the Blogging Dip Ah! Mark Dykeman must have been reading my mind ‘coz I’ve been thinking of reviewing The Dip forever as this book has many times given me courage to just quit the things or projects that are going nowhere or just to hang tough.

10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion I starred this article to come back to read it but never had the time but look at the headline, it might be provocative to some but I am always amused at his boldness. Now how many of us can really talk about how such a controversial subject?

My dear friend Mig is re-branding with a New Logo and has asked for reader input on the three logos to choose from. My vote was on 1a because of it’s simplicity and clarity.

Talking of brands, Vivien’s post on Brandwashed in 8 minutes is an interesting one about her and her daughter’s routine going through brands every morning.

{I just realized Vivien’s post is part of a project @ DearJaneSample where I saw some really neat posts about brands.}

On a fun side, Jake shares 7 Funny Newspaper Job wanted ads

And finally, Deborah continues to surprise us including a picture of her hugging a shark in one of her posts on Bizarre Underwater Inventions and Feats

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend wherever you are. We’ve had a temperature of 96 degrees today and it’s just not fun!

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  2. Hi Pearl, hope your doing fine!

    Here to say hello and to invite you to a nature adventure in Norway:

    RennyBAs last blog post..Arctic Adventure Rafting The Barnets Sea

  3. Thank you guys… appreciate all the comments..

    RennyBA – I’m doing okay Renny – thanks for the invite, Ill be over soon. tc

  4. hi! i came across your site via entrecard, i like what i am reading so far. i started out my new blog over a month ago, and i am looking through other blogs/sites to get a feel on what i should do more in my blog. keep it up! please continue with these kinds of articles. God Bless!

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  6. Interesting links I like the encouragement articles, I think I might add it to my next blog post.

  7. Wow, Steve’s ’10 Reasons’ is harsh. True, but nonetheless harsh. It was good reading. . . thanks for the find.


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