Who do you trust more?





Hair Dresser






(trusting “myself” is not a choice) ;)

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18 Responses to “ Who do you trust more? ”

  1. Hmm – okay, now that I understand the question correctly, I out of that list, I trust my mother in law the most and then friends but only certain friends. Some friends are good to have fun with but not necessarily to be trusted with important things. I don’t know if those friends should be considered true “friends” or not (perhaps another blog topic of discussion) but you know we all have them and they are more than acquaintances so that term doesn’t apply. Therefore, I still refer to them as friends. I just wouldn’t trust them as much as other friends. ;)

  2. @teeni.. interesting dynamics, isn’t it? Now that this post is a few days old, I was trying to think what had triggered it! Earlier this year I was mad at my GP for his insistence on prescribing a 5-day course of azythromycin instead of 3-day course… I needed a real speedy recovery from flu so I could be with my dad in the hospital but the doctor wouldn’t budge! it was trivial but he gave me a real bad time at which my pharmacist overrode it and gave me a 3 day course of the same med – everything worked out in the end but I lost respect for that darn physician! And other similar scenarios (positive and negative) occurred with people in other ‘roles’ I listed here..

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  3. It depends on what we’re trusting those people for. For instance, I trust my mom with my money but I don’t trust her to keep a secret.

    Does that make sense?

    But if I had to choose, I’d say one of my blogging friends. :P

    – AnotherMMOblog

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  4. This is an interesting question, Pearl. Let’s see …

    Hair Dresser, Maid, Mother-In-Law: Don’t have those, so can’t comment.

    Attorney: Don’t have one either but recognize the need for one and I should hope I would be able to trust them to a large extent. If not the position would be quite futile.

    Doctor: I trust Doctors only to some extent. My reservations are for the very reasons, and due to the same kind of experiences you have said triggered this post. My reservations with doctors generally is that while being (hopefully) encyclopaedic, they are rarely creative. The human body almost never acts like the simplified machine they would like us to think it is, and most of them aren’t equiped to deal with the non-textbook cases or looking behind the surface symptoms. The best doctors, on the other hand, can be some of the most creative people there are.

    Pharmacist: I currently live in Dubai. In Dubai, no. Back in Bombay. Yes, absolutely … for an educated viewpoint on medicines anyway. The pharmacists back in Bombay are quite remarkable when it comes to their knowledge of what they sell (most of them). In many of the older neighbourhoods in the city, the local pharmacist takes on a role that is part medicine man, part general advisor, and part good listener. It’s quite an interesting phenomenon to observe actually. :)

    Friend: Aah! “friend”. A term that has come to encompass all manner of sins. ;) Seriously though, each and every one of us has all sorts of friends. Good friends, best friends, long lost friends, hard to stand friends, impossible to get hold of friends, vague aquaintences whom you politely call friends … the variety is endless, so I guess the possible answers are endless.

    Thanks for provoking some interesting thoughts and half forgotten memories.


  5. It all depends on the situation of course, but I don’t trust doctors a great deal. Best friend should be high on the list. Insurance agent is probably the lowest for me, right below mechanic!

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  6. @AnotherMMOblog: that’s funny about moms not being able to keep secrets.

    @Samir: trusting attorneys is a tricky one.. so be careful. Any relationship where direct money exchange is involved, can be a bit challenging.. oh, you forgot to include ‘impossible to get rid of friends’ who we might call ‘friends’ just because we want to be polite..;)

    @Tim: haha those mechanics! I almost forgot about those, every time I’ve had to take my car in for some minor repair, they surprise me with the bill. Insurance agents of course.. but I haven’t had a bad experience with them yet (crossing fingers) :)

  7. This is a great question. Some of the people who love me the most would definitely shield me from the truth about certain things, so I would have to go with Doctor. My GP doesn’t hold back. In fact, I kind of hate him. But when it comes to his opinion for important topics in my life, he’s the man to go to.

  8. That’s easy, my pharmacist. Of course, keep in mind we are married, LOL.


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