Blog Action Day 2008 will be about Poverty

Last year, I had joined thousands of bloggers all over the world during Blog Action Day 2007, and the topic of conversation was


This year, on Blog Action Day (October 15, 2008), once again bloggers across the globe will unite in bringing awareness to the masses and the topic will be Poverty.  


Many people ask what can one person do about Poverty?  Or how can blogging about poverty make a difference?   There is power in numbers and unity.  When thousands write about the same issue, in a sort of a brain storming way,  giving ideas to each other about ways to end it, educating those who have no idea about it, bringing awareness, inspiring each other to take actions, and changing minds on a global scale, our society can be better.


Also, there is a very compelling video posted on Blog Action Day site just to answer some of such concerns!



And you can also read up a bit on what poverty actually means.  This link explains very that poverty does not hit just the third world countries, or the developing countries,  it spans many families and individuals even in the most developed and so called ‘rich’ countries. 


On this day, some people will write about how they feel about poverty, others will write about what they think should or could be done to eradicate this affliction, and still others will talk about what causes it and it history or whatever else they want to bring forth about the issue. 


As you can tell, I will be joining again this year by writing something on that day and would love to hear if you are planning to join the Blog Action Day this year. 


You can find more websites and resources on ways you can help and also check out topic ideas they have compiled to help promoting the day.


If you want to find more posts on Blog Action Day, keep watching this link : Blog Action Day Posts 2008

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5 Responses to “ Blog Action Day 2008 will be about Poverty ”

  1. Blog Action Day 2008 will be more effective if everyone focuses on one aspect of “poverty.” If everyone focused on “clean water” for example, we might be able to see if the BAD made any difference.

    I am not sure if my last post went through, so I apologize for posting two times in a row.

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  2. Very noble cause. I will do the same!

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  3. Hi, I’m In! I’m sure we can make a difference…

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  4. signed up for this some time ago. :) i like the idea of trying to focus attention on one particular topic, by harnessing the blogosphere. am glad to hear you’ll be participating, and that you’re actively promoting the endeavor. :)

    koujis last blog post..autumn haiku: drift

  5. Re: Poverty
    It is a relevant topic for bloggers to dwell upon on this day and the proposition is good. However, must should all try and walk the talk whenever we can. Tado (ACORD)

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