Interesting Posts Around the Web – Aug. 10

For a happy Monday reading, here are some of the wonderful posts I came across this week and am sure you’ll find them interesting too.

Interesting Links
Interesting Links

8 Attributes of an Olympic Mindset @ Freelance Writing

21 Funny Resume Stories @ JobMob

Hit the Digg Front Page with Social Elves @ JohnTP

9 Keys to Running Multiple Blogs @ Traffikd

How Trust Made My Blog Triumph: 1000 Subscribers @ SEO 2.0

Categories, Bookmarks and Tags: Background and Basics @ aimClear Search Marketing Blog

The Curse of a Blogger @ More Than Scratch the Surface

Five Search Queries to find Sponsorship Link Opportunities @ GrayWolf’s SEO blog

4 Search Engines to Search Wikipedia the Pro Way @ MakeUseOf

Sleeping with the enemy @ Brian Gardner

and finally, an awesome link that made my day when Jim Kukral sang the Happy Birthday song for my mom.  ;)

photo by: Stephane

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22 Responses to “ Interesting Posts Around the Web – Aug. 10 ”

  1. Thanks for the mention Pearl :)

  2. Hi Pearl,

    How are you? It’s been a while since we last bumped into each other. :-) I love your new theme design, at least it’s new for me, as I’ve been naughty and haven’t visited you since you changed over.

    I love Justin’s themes too. Hope you are keeping well.

    Best wishes

  3. Thanks for the link Pearl!

  4. I’m doing well Monika… great to have you back :)

    @Steven, @JohnTP: I could link to so many of your posts.. all great stuff! so thank YOU..

  5. Thanks for the heads up Pearl! Did I already mention that I love your new blog design?

    Tad Chefs last blog post..Yahoo Search Results Total Crap Now

  6. Thanks Tad.. I thought you’d forgotten this blog altogether now that you are famous but very nice of you to stop by :)

  7. Hi Pearl. I’ll check out the links, thanks.

    Looking at your first link made me think about when I met Misty May (Women’s Volleyball USA) and she let me hold her Gold Metal she won in Athens.

    Pretty cool. I felt like I was holding a part of history in my hands.

    John Hoff – eVentureBizs last blog post..25+ SEO Tips For Getting Ranked Well In Search Engines

  8. Hey Pearl, in fact I’m not more famous than a year ago after my blog got well known in the first weeks. Moreover you’re probably more famous than me :-)

    I have to admit though, that I do not manage to read all blogs I like and I’m not very efficient with RSS.

    Tad Chefs last blog post..10 Usability Sins that Make me Bounce and Never Come Back

  9. naah I don’t believe I’m more famous than you Tad… although it’s definitely an amusing thought for a second :)

  10. @John: WOW, that must be an awesome feeling! something we don’t get to experience everyday… okay so you must have made the rest of the readers curious here saying ‘when you met Misty’… did you just walk up to her and she let you hold her Gold Medal?

  11. Actually, after seeing the Olympics I realize it was Carrie Walsh, not Misty (I had them confused).

    They played beach volleyball at the Hard Rock Hotel a couple years ago and I met her and her mother in the VIP area. She was letting people hold her medal. Yeah, it was pretty cool.

    John Hoff – eVentureBizs last blog post..25+ SEO Tips For Getting Ranked Well In Search Engines

  12. @John: that’s really awesome

  13. Hey Pearl, here through your Ning Creative Writer’s page. Where’s this glorious highway? The road to paradise?

  14. Hi Josh: Welcome to the blog..

    well, that seemed like the road less traveled to me and it instantly clicked… more accurately, it’s taken from Stephane (link above) on flickr, it’s in Sweden perhaps?

    can’t tell but it did invoke a lot of emotions at the time I saw it… passing scenes are sometimes the best :) Hope to see you back

  15. thanks for the great finds, i particularly enjoyed “21 Funny Resume Stories”, im having a rough day and i really needed a break, to everyone else who did not check it out yet, well go ahead and visit the link…

  16. Thanks for guiding us along the blog road – some really interesting read.

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Evening out with old friends in Oslo

  17. Appreciate the links this Morning. Great photos by the way.


  18. Very enjoyable. Thanks for the links. I enjoyed the funny resume stories…Hilarious…

    Hosting Reviews

  19. Sorry for the late response guys.. glad you enjoyed some of these articles … wishing you all a great rest of the week :)

  20. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks for the mention. It just goes to show how far I am behind with my reading that I didn’t notice until now! My feed reader is full to overflowing.

    Stephen Cronins last blog post..Photos Of The 2008 Beijing Olympics From Flickr

  21. you are welcome Stephen.. I can understand – I have some 300 feeds and a whole lot more unread posts.. curse of a blogger ;)

  22. Hey,
    Greta posts i really enjoyed 9 Keys to Running Multiple Blogs the best key was definitely Keep a list of post ideas ill definitely start doing that.

    Thanks for this!
    Jenny H.

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