Spamming yourself is not allowed?

You can see the most wonderful spam catcher Akismet has caught more than 31 thousand spam comments on this blog and needless to say blogging would have been a nightmare if all the bad comments had not been caught at the entrance but when my own comment got caught as spam, I got a bit worried.

Have the spammers got so good that Akismet cannot distinguish between a legitimate vs spam anymore?  And that too from the blog author?

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20 Responses to “ Spamming yourself is not allowed? ”

  1. Akismet catches most spam but I like to moderate comments – I can usually tell when a comment is just for a link but sometimes I have to check the link. If I’m not sure I’ll just delete it -if its really spammy, Ill mark it as spam.
    Thanks, Tom

  2. Well your post had some words in that probably set Akishmets filters off. I would repeat them but then this comment would get blocked :>
    Dealing with spam will always be a combo of software and human input. Neither one can handle it on their own.

    Sids last blog post..Content internet filter software – censorware

  3. It’s happened to me before too. I spend almost as much time checking my spam folder, as deleting spam files that DIDN’T get caught. We need a better option.

    Zens last blog post..80 Things That Make Me Happy

  4. @Sid: my comment (not post) had no such words for Akismet to get alarmed :) no, technology can never alone do the job of catching all spam but it can definitely be made to do a better job!

    thanks for stopping by guys!

  5. Use SpamKarma myself, so not very familiar with Akismet. Like all spam filters, thought, it is sopposed to be “intelligent” in that it learns over time.

    Pearl, considering you explicitly stated in a previous post that trusting yourself was not an option, perhaps Akismet picked up on that bit of information and acted accordingly.

    On the bright side, I don’t think any comments by your GP are going to be let though in the near future either. ;)

    Samirs last blog post..Blog Ads by PerfomancingAds

  6. Spamming it will never stop.

  7. well, i have no idea how exactly akismet works, but instances like this leads me to think that it still has lots of glitches, that could essentially work against you…

  8. My comments are getting flagged as Askimet spam, so you might not even get this comment. I do not spam, and I always try to contribute to the conversation in the best way that I can. If you happen to see this comment in your dustbin, would you de-spam me, please? If you don’t want to publish the comment, that’s ok. I just want people to de-spam me so maybe Askimet catches on. I would return this favor to anyone.

    Johnsons last blog post..Lake City MN Real Estate Report

  9. More then one of my friends got into Askimet and now can’t comment anywhere. How they got there is a mystery. It seems that there are bugs that need to be fixed.

    Cathys last blog post..Breville Juicers

  10. @Samir: haha I didnt realize Akismet was that intelligent :) I doubt I’d want him to ever know I am blogging about him LOL

    @@Andrea: apparently so .. but I am still very grateful they have this thing developed

    @Johnson: let us know if you benefit from getting your comment approved here

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