StumbleUpon lifts 200 friend limit


YES… finally Stumble Upon has listened to so many of us complain about this and are planning to allow us to add unlimited number of friends.  If you remember, back in November last year (can’t believe it’s been that long) I blogged about not being able to add my Stumble Upon friends.

With just 200 friend limit, you had to constantly ‘clean up’ your ‘friends’ to make sure you get relevant stumbles delivered to you.  This limited you from getting those people’s stumbles who added you as friends but you couldn’t reciprocate.   Not any more.  I will be able to see most of my fans’s stumbles now since I can befriend them.

According to Stumble Upon’s blog:

Over the next couple weeks we are going to separate the social & content aspects of friendship on SU, so you can subscribe to someone’s favorites without necessarily becoming their friend, and become someone’s friend without necessarily seeing their stumbles. You’ll also be able to “Subscribe” to more than 200 stumblers, since we’ve changed the way they are stored in the database. Mutuals will just be “Friends”, fans will become “Subscribers” and you’ll simply be “Subscribed to” stumblers who rate great content. We hope these changes will make things a bit easier to understand for new stumblers, while improving stumble quality for everyone.

The upcoming changes are definitely going to make an already wonderful social media site more useful and enjoyable.  I can’t wait to see the changes as the Stumble Upon team fixes some of the other bugs as noted in their post, like removing “ghosts” from the system.  Changes like “Mutuals” gaining a status of friends and “fans” becoming your subscribers.  The option to “opt-out” of stumbles of certain friends whose interests do not match yours, is going to make it even better.   I can’t wait to see the changes.

So, have you subscribed to my stumbles?  If not, check them out, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting there.   Also, if you read this blog, leave your Stumble Upon URL and I’d love to add you to my network and subscribe to your stumbles.

photo: Owlets

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18 Responses to “ StumbleUpon lifts 200 friend limit ”

  1. Don’t you just love it when a service actually listens to user feedback? Too bad we don’t know how they look like to raise them a statue in Central Park :P LOL

    I am actually surprised they didn’t react sooner.

    Mihaela Licas last blog post..Free widgets!

  2. haha I’d definitely visit Central Park more often then ;)

  3. […] it up to Pearl, I thought I would let you know that Pearl has a post which is were I found out that Stumbleupon is removing the 200 friend limit. That is certainly good news for a lot of people. Prior to the change, you had to go through your […]

  4. As an avid stumbleupon user, this is truly great news. Thanks for the share, Pearl!

    Tibi Puius last blog post..Images: An Essential Part of Any Blog Post

  5. you are welcome Tibi… Good to hear from you on my blog!

  6. I just started using stumbleupon about a week, in three days I already fill-up that quota. I think that will be a good move. Thank for the new and headup to my stumble at:

  7. oh when did they start to allow this, that is wonderful… you don’t know how 200 is not enough until you hit, well 200 friends…

  8. FINALLY :)

    I was trying my luck to see if it was already lifted – and lo and behold – it was!

    Friedbeefs last blog post..7 Incredibly Useful Gmail Labs Features

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