Convert Visio Drawings to an Image file for easy distribution

A few days ago, I reviewed a software called Universal Document Converter, that has the ability to convert any type of documents to PDF, JPEG or other image formats with it’s powerful virtual printing technology.

I recently had to send an organizational chart created with Visio software to one of my colleagues in a different building and they did not have the Visio installed on their machine. UDC came in handy.

For those of you who do not know, Visio is a software by Microsoft that is useful for creating business and technical diagrams. These drawings created in Visio are only viewable within Visio.  But not everyone is going to have Visio installed on their computers.  In such instances, you would need to convert it to either .PDF or some type of image format since these programs are available on most types of computers. PDF files can be opened on Mac as well as on Windows systems. Converting the original drawing into an image or PDF file also keeps the original diagram secure in that it remains unaltered.

So, in order to convert a Visio chart or drawing, follow the easy steps outlined here.

After downloading and installing the UDC, Open the Visio drawing that you want to convert into a .JPEG. Click on File -> Print


Now select the Universal Document Converter from the pull-down list of printers available and click on Properties


From the available choices in the settings -> current profile, select the Drawing, Chart to JPEG, Color choice,


This will open up the following screen. Now select JPEG (or any other image format if you like) and click OK


Now you are back to the main Microsoft Visio Print dialog. Click OK to start converting. When the JPEG file is ready, it will be saved to the C:\UDC Output Files folder by default.


The converted drawing will then be opened in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer software or another viewer associated with JPEG files on your computer.


If you have tried UDC for converting any documents, we’d love to hear from you.


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15 Responses to “ Convert Visio Drawings to an Image file for easy distribution ”

  1. Wow, awesome tool! Have to check it out.


  2. I was just messing with a Visio file for a client when I found this … thanks!

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  3. Visio is such an awesome tool. Whether you use it for detailed process mapping or simple vector drawings it will meet your every need. I’ve had good success automating the creation of org charts with it, for example.

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  4. hey i didn’t know that, but it seems easy to follow.. thanks!

  5. Hey thanks for sharing about it, now its not as difficult as it use to be, as Visio is one tool used by most of us for all kind of Network Diagrams or Block Diagrams either for IT or other purposes. So now to print and distribute your efforts would also be easy.

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