Carnival of Healing Coming to this blog

This is a short announcement to let you all know that on September 20th, 2008, I will be hosting the #156th edition of Carnival of Healing.

From the carnival home pageCarnival of Healing is a weekly roundup of posts on topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment or healthy lifestyle.

I encourage ALL my readers who write about any of the above topics, to participate in this carnival and submit your most recent posts.  Once you have written the post that you want to submit, click on the image or go here and click on the orange box in the upper right corner to get to the submission form.

Blog Carnival - carnival of healing

Please make sure your articles are related to the topics that are acceptable to this carnival.  Any posts that are not related will not be accepted.  If you would like to host this carnival, check out Carnival of Healing Home Page

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4 Responses to “ Carnival of Healing Coming to this blog ”

  1. I may have to do a post for this Pearl. I have been going through a personal cleansing process, which includes exercise(Wii Fit), diet(wiser choices and portion control), and daily Bible reading(Purpose Driven Life).
    I have wanted to start a carnival on Pixelhead for a while now, but am a little vague on how they operate. What does that mean to host the carnival?

  2. That’d be superb Adam. Hosting is simply presenting/publishing all articles that people submit, in one post, on the day the carnival is scheduled to publish.

    This is the first time I am hosting a carnival so we’ll see how it goes. This carnival is maintained by Phylameana, who decides what type of posts should be included in it and when it will be published (every Saturday in this case). I have yet to find out how the posts submitted via the link I mentioned above will be sent to me but I’d be happy to share what I learn ..

    Check out some faq’s from their page:

  3. That’s great Adam.

    I’ll be checking out the articles from the Carnival.

    Maybe I’ll even get round to writing one…. thanks for hosting the carnival.


  4. That’ll be great Riggie… looking forward to your participation too…. good to have you on this blog…

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