Your Instincts and gut feelings are mostly true – Trust them

I hesitate a bit to say that I’ve felt many times that my sixth sense is pretty developed and that I can often feel things to a great accuracy.  No, I am not talking about psychic abilities but just general intuitive hunches about many of my situations.  (Although I read somewhere that people born under the signs of Scorpio and Pisces are born with extra sensory perceptions, so may be it has to do with that I am a Scorpio).  And every time I have ignored my instincts, I have ended up hurting or regretting afterwards.   This inner voice is within all of us and most of us hear it but do not pay much attention to it.

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In the online world, we are meeting new people and developing connections on a daily basis so it is all the more important to use discretion, stay alert and trust our instincts.  On the Internet, all we know about some stranger is what he or she tells us and have no way of knowing if they are genuine, telling the truth or just trying to con us.  I don’t mean to say we need to be paranoid about trusting others, but keeping our ears and eyes open, watching for the gaps in the information they provide can save everyone tons of misery, time, energy, heartache and many times even money! This is true whether you are dealing with someone on a personal level, in the Internet marketing arena, shopping or anything else you are doing on the Internet.

To reiterate why it is important to trust our gut and intuitions, I want to share with you a post that one of my very good blogging friends teeni wrote on how Appearances can be deceiving, in which teeni has provided links to stories and other people’s posts when some good intentioned and otherwise intelligent, compassionate people fell pray to online frauds.  Teeni’s post stirred up some of my own emotions from a recent online experience in which I forced myself to trust someone despite having a very strong feeling that everything this person was telling me was a lie of some sort.

I am pretty careful in giving out my personal information to someone I have doubts about but upon finding this person was on a different continent,  I sort of relaxed and gave out some information I shouldn’t have.  Over time though, I couldn’t deal with deceiving, and clever conversations any more and stopped all contact.  Now, this person didn’t do any harm to me and I doubt they are out to harm anyone but who knows?   Pretending to be what you are not, you are playing with other people’s emotions and that is not forgivable.  I was on guard most of the time and that did not sit well with this person as they showed frustration that I wouldn’t ‘open up’ with them but it goes to show how many of us are vulnerable and readily trust the outside world than our own selves.  Like teeni points out in her post, a lot of people have self-esteem issues and this is their only avenue to get attention, by trapping innocent folk for their own benefit.    So Be Careful.

Here are some more resources to check out on Internet Fraud

Would love to hear your take on this issue and if you know of any such incidents.

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26 Responses to “ Your Instincts and gut feelings are mostly true – Trust them ”

  1. I guess its all about whether or not you listen to your inner voice.

    I always listen to it personally, but then only time I didn’t listen to it, I ended up in deep trouble.

    I guess its all a scenario of what you want, sometimes you want something to happen and it really does!

  2. With more experience I get more insight in the actions I am taking and what kind of outcome waits me. Listening to this gut feeling can really keep you above the troubles.

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  3. I’m a great believer in listening to your ‘gut’ feeling, it is so often right. Having said that I feel initially you should approach each person/situation with an open mind, but if alarm bells start ringing, listen to them. Step back and think, sleep on it. So often things have resolved themselves in the morning. If not then the cold light of day should bring you to your senses.

  4. There is no doubt that you’ve got to trust you’re intuition. But then you have to combine it with being rational at once. You can’t have blunders, just for the sake of being impulsive.

  5. In my experience, often it’s my logic and rational thinking that hinders me from following my intuition. I’m not saying that rational thinking is bad, just when it conflicts with my intuition often the intuition is right.

  6. I usually know what I should do and wish later that I would have done it.

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