Off with PerformancingAds, On with ScratchBack

These two very different systems may not be comparable but as I was taking one off and putting the other one on, thought this was a great title for this post.  I had signed up with PerformancingAds when there was so much hype about them and just about everyone was jumping on the bandwagon but soon after that I started feeling it was not really doing what we all expected from them.  I just didn’t have the time to remove their code at the time but today finding Michael Jackson on my blog did it.   There are a few things that kind of bothered me about this ad.  1) the blog this ad belonged to did not fit with this blog’s categories or theme 2) I didn’t approve this ad, performancingads crew did, which somehow doesn’t make sense to me.  But in any case,


I logged into their site and thought of removing my site from the system as I thought I didn’t really understand how it worked but upon hitting the delete button, I was taken to the following screen that says that I can’t delete the site since it contains an advertisement that has been payed (PAID) for.


Well, I found that interesting as I hadn’t been writing anything in the last couple of weeks and someone still found my blog worth buying an ad on!   But the reports screen revealed a different story, that a booking was made on my blog but I wasn’t getting paid for it.

Of course, this is not the first time it has happened, in the past also there were a few ads that appeared on this blog but I never got paid for them.   It’s crazy that some ads appeared on my blog for a week or two, for free!


So, today I decided to remove PerformancingAds code and instead stay with much reliable Scratchback, the Fancy Tip Jar!   ScratchBack is a way for the readers to say thank you to the content producers by giving them a small tip and in return gain a link back to their site and get exposure.  Simple and Brilliant!  So go ahead, tip me and get in my list of links.

So, here’s the question.  Have you used PerformancingAds and has the system worked for you?  If you use another ad-network for buying/selling square ads, which one and how is it different from PerformancingAds, good/bad..  your opinion matters!

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17 Responses to “ Off with PerformancingAds, On with ScratchBack ”

  1. I didn’t have much luck with PerformancingAds either. I would not recommend working with them

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with PerformancingAds. I’m facing problem with them of another kind.

    They have not make payment for commissions I earned in August. I’ve contacted them twice and both times they came back with some “lip service” excuses, and I’m still waiting for a resolution till now.

    Once I got paid my rightful commissions, I’ll take down the code off my blog.

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  3. I am one more unsatisfied user of PerformancingAds. Their customer service could be a lot better and the fact that they didnt pay me my commission made me stop using them. And I dont plan to come back either.

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  4. Hmm, really interesting post about PerformancingAds. I have a few colleagues that have used them will little success on their sites. Most of them felt a little tied down and were really underwhelmed with the overall performance levels. Recently, I have been looking at Howcast’s Advertising and Marketing Videos to find some new ideas, but am open to hear about any other success stories???

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  5. @pearl, email me the email address you signed up with and I will approve your account ;)

    @steven, thanks for the kind words… and no, you don’t need to worry about michael jackson ads with us ;)

  6. hello Todd.. my account was approved after I contacted you guys @buysellads and the empty square inviting people to advertise also showed up in the sidebar for a long time but I wasn’t lucky to get any ads – so just recently took the code off.. may be I’ll try it again next year.

    thanks for showing up here!

  7. @pearl, lol… I got this post in my google alerts and did not bother to check the date of the post ;)

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