When the going gets tough, tough feels like quitting

As much as I try to write and move this blog forward,  new and weird issues continue to challenge me.  I’ve been sick for a week now with high fever and chills with a lot of body ache.  Not only that,  my desktop got infected with some virus and trojans which keep directing my browser to agoga.com.  What frustrates me more and more is that none of the spyware programs I have downloaded are able to clean this shit out and the pc has almost come to a halt.  It just freezes when I try running ad-aware or spybot – search and destroy.   I recently restored one of my friend’s computers because she was having the same problems and thought now that I did it once, it should be a breeze to return my own pc to some restore point but it wouldn’t work on my pc.

The restore shuts the pc and even restarts but the message comes up saying No changes have been made to your computer.  And a strange thing I noticed is that there are restore points only for the last three months, nothing before that.  I’m running Windows XP, SR2.   I also have a Dell laptop that is starting to heat up to temperatures beyond 200 degrees!   So, I haven’t been turning that one on fearing it’ll just blow up on me one of these days.

So, frustrated with the situation, I decided to start painting again (again, coz I had completely stopped painting when I started blogging).   Here are a couple unfinished oil paintings I did this week.  Of course every time I spent some time on these, the fever went up to 102°F but it definitely eased my anxiety.

This is a copy of course from a very famous French Artist 1841-1919) Renoir’s painting of a woman reading.  Here is the original

The flowers in a vase is also a famous painting but I couldn’t find who it is from.  I am copying it from a single sheet that’s been cut out from a magazine.  These are far from finished yet but something I thought of sharing.

This exercise also brought back memories of the days when we didn’t have computers to communicate with each other, or internet to do research on just about every topic.  I thought about expanding this article into a list of things you can do when there is no pc or internet available, but truthfully? I get tired of those instructional posts in just about every other blog.  On this blog, we will stick to informal conversations about things to do when there is no internet or when your pc doesn’t work. And of course if you know how to get rid of that ugly agoga.com thingy, please please let me know.

I’m writing this from my brother’s laptop as my pc continues to freeze with every click,  so I may not be able to reply to your comments right away but would love to read them.

Reminder:  The 161th edition of carnival of healing will be posted this upcoming Saturday (Oct. 25th).  So if you want to submit your post to be published, please send it it before Friday (Oct 24th).

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20 Responses to “ When the going gets tough, tough feels like quitting ”

  1. @Danny – your comment was stuck in Spam.. I was feeling pretty down this weekend when I started those paintings but intend to continue now and will post as I paint more :) thanks for the link, I’ll look into it too

    pearls last blog post..When the going gets tough, tough feels like quitting

  2. I really like your painting. The spyware situation sounds frustrating alright. Maybe you should consider getting a Mac. Most macs have very little problem with spyware/viruses.

    Steves last blog post..Free and Unlimited Exotic Massages

  3. You just let me know when you are back up and running again and I’ll direct some traffic your way. People do tend to fall off after a while of slow posting, but they will come back. And I’ll help speed it up for you if I can. :) I have actually been doing more reading through my reader lately than commenting, because I am feeling time constrained myseslf. So if you don’t see me – it’s not that I’m not reading. It’s just that I’m not clicking through all the time! Hugs to you!

  4. Hi Pearl
    Sorry I have been an offender in not visiting you – I am not singling you out though – I have not had time to visit anyone lately. I have decided it is not helping though as I am not being productive enough and I need to allow myself time for some R & R because work becomes more tedious without.

    I hope you sort your PC problems out soon. If you continue to have problems please email me and I will get my partner to see what he can come up with – he runs a pc business and deals with things like this all the time.

    Sueblimelys last blog post..Revolution in WP Themes

  5. Hey Pearl,

    I truly think that you are a talented painter! Hope you feel better soon.

    Steve C @ MyWifeQuitHerJob.coms last blog post..Pricing: Psychological Mind Games That Stores Play

  6. @Steve.. I do have a Mac too but for some reason I never use it .. just not used to it that much.. glad you like the paintings.. you know they are half done :)

    @teeni.. Aww thank you so much! hugs back

    @Sue.. I’ll email you but basically I still have that agoga.com hidden somewhere – its directing my browser to its homepage.. I did wonder about all my friends not visiting me any more.. was getting a bit worried, glad to see you here again

    @Steve .. Thank you! so glad to hear from you on my blog! I do all kinds of weird stuff when Im extremely stressed out lol

    pearls last blog post..When the going gets tough, tough feels like quitting

  7. Love the paintings, wish I could paint, my limit is doors, windows and walls. (can’t do ceilings as I’m scared of heights, that’s what hubby’s for.)
    I hate it when my computer gets sick, I feel like someone has cut both my arms off. How ever did we manage before?!

  8. I hate stupid viruses either on my computer or in me. I’ve been sick all week and it’s no fun running around with a runny nose. Your paintings are amazing you should defiantly keep that up. As for me when theres nothing to do and no internet I like to read. Usually older books like the classics theres so many I’ll never get to read anything from my time.

  9. I think everyone hate the Viruses, but only seldem of them would complain it on the internet skillful. So I love your compaint very much.

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