President Obama gives America a night to remember forever!

What a charismatic moment we just had in America with Barack Obama’s victory tonight. Included below is President Obama’s (getting used to saying that) victory speech that he gave in Chicago just less than an hour ago. Watch it and notice the height of emotions felt across people of ALL colors, ages and social classes.

It was truly a very proud and emotionally thrilling moment as in times like these, you forget the differences and divide and stand united, for each other, not just for ourselves. Very inspirational as greatness and intelligence is once again rewarded tonight. Here’s to the new beginnings and much needed change..

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26 Responses to “ President Obama gives America a night to remember forever! ”

  1. The world was looking for a democrat leader for us. Mr. obama was a perfect candidate fot that. We are very proud of him.

  2. thanks for stopping in guys.. Obama and his wife are a brilliant couple and I am hopeful just like millions across the globe :)

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  3. Ahora que tienen a un Presidente Afro USA han dado un gran paso,esperemos que las cosas mejoren para su pais a nivel economico y social, mucha suerte.

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  4. we sure hope so Varo.. thanks for stopping by..

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  5. I’m a bit pessimistic about american elections. A country that can give a single term, never mind two terms, to someone like bush, I see nothing but americas spin doctors creating a Obama to calm the worlds hatred towards the u s. Once again the capitalist ability to use psychological pretension to sell the sizzle on a cheap piece of meat has only put a man life at risk to fanatics. america were racism is still a practiced life style try to sell a black president and a woman v p is obvious sign of spinning a frivolous identity to calm the savage beasts. Good luck and I hope with all my ability that I’m wrong, but history has shown and has repeated its self over and over, america is a war mongering country who’s value of morality is based on financial ability. Stop pointing your fingers out of your borders and start pointing at yourself. There are no excuses only reasons.
    all my best and good luck you will need it.

  6. The one thing that i found disappointing about the election was the booing that went on when Mcain was admitting defeat. How can you boo somebody that has worked for years for a country and has made it to where he is with great difficulty.

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