WordPress 2.7, Coltrane

“This winter,

Heartwarming Usability

Breathtaking Beauty


Thrilling Flexibility”

Need I say more?   We’ve come a long long way from 2.2 when I started blogging.

My heartfelt thanks to hundreds of talented people who make up the WordPress team.  We are indebted to you guys for making it a breeze for us to express ourselves and make connections.

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8 Responses to “ WordPress 2.7, Coltrane ”

  1. hehe, I just watched that WP video 5 minutes ago, and then saw your tweet ;) I’m too very impressed with Coltrane. Way to go WP team.

    And I see you’ve revamped your blog a bit, Pearl. Very nice image in the banner, what’s on the photo there, where is it?

    inspirationbits last blog post..Design Critique: Leon Paternoster

  2. Hi Vivien: thank you so much for visiting.. how have you been? I’ve got to stop by your blog to see what you are up to..

    I read some minor negative critique of 2.7 also yesterday but overall it rocks I think.. oh there are a few images rotating in the banner so don’t know which one you saw but one of them I remember is of pagoda in Singapore :)

    pearls last blog post..WordPress 2.7, Coltrane

  3. Hi Pearl, WP 2.7 looks a real treat! The video moved so fast however, still awesome! I’m looking forward to using it shortly.

    Hope all is well with you :)

    Ange Recchias last blog post..Brenden Foster Leaving a Legacy at Age 11

  4. Hi Ange.. I’m good thanks.. I upgraded it before writing this post and yeah, it definitely is a good Christmas present I think but it’ll take some time getting used to where things are on the new dashboard.

    And I notice the upgraded Akismet is again holding all comments for moderation, even mine so I’ve had to remember to log in to see if there were any comments :)

  5. I think 2.7’s great except for the amount of time it’s taking me to get used to where all of the Admin options are :)

    Tom Smiths last blog post..Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme

  6. It’ll take some time to find everything in there but it looks pretty neat overall… Like I am now able to reply to the comments from within the admin window which is bound to make it easier to interact with my readers :)

  7. Hello Pearl,
    I am often afraid to update my blog to a new version of WordPress because it occasionally makes my plugins fail to function any more. Has this happened to you in the past?

  8. Hi Rachiel

    Most of the commonly used plugins work with 2.7 and theres one or two I used that aren’t compatible with it yet but I’m sure their authors will update them soon..

    Another thing, Im not comfortable upgrading WP manually and used the auto upgrade plugin, which is a godsend! Here is the link WordPress Automatic Upgrade The auto upgrade is built in Coltrane though, which is why everyone should upgrade to this one

    Pearls last blog post..Interesting Posts Around the Web

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