Clever Comment Spammers

Comment Spammers

I have been slow in posting but I regularly moderate comments and delete the spams but lately it has become more and more difficult to distinguish them from legitimate comments.

Following is a sample of what these scum bags have been writing and I just deleted almost 200+ comments that were left on different posts just today!    Reviewing such huge numbers of spam comments is a nightmare and it is possible to delete genuine comments accidentally but I hope I haven’t done that.

Here are some of them:

“great pictures, Especially for me at this winter time ,I am so in love with hot countries,Very peaceful!”

“Wow! this is a really nice blog. I loved reading it.

“Nice info you have here..
I’ll use this a lot..thanks
and nice site too :D
“Good Afternoon…! ”
“Great Forum & Community!
I’ve been here as a freeloader for a while and finally got around to registration.
I sorta live online – spend most of my days addicted to social sites like and gambling sites like
Besides gambling (this week I made a sweet $2,000) off of betot, I love sports and hiking.
So that’s my self introduction. Happy New Year to All and hope to get to know you all better…

“The concept of holistic health is not new,but it was the first time I am listening to. Medicine is more an approach to how individuals should be treated, as opposed to a treatment method.”

“Howdy Partner, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for spyware doctor 3. I am with you on the topic of e going gets tough, tough feels like quitting |. Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Thursday.”

“I think your blog need a new wordpress template. Downalod it from http:// genericwpthemes. com . The site has nice and unique wordpress templates.”

“I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…”

“What if you are on someone else’s computer say, durning a hurricane evacuation. They dont tell you that have that type of spyware parents use to monitor the pre-teen kids and weeks after you leave, they go into your acocunt and go over all your entries? Is that wrong (ehtically it IS..I mean legally)?    Just asking because my paranoid aunt (erm..uncle’s wife) made my uncle go onto his computer and hell pulled up and printed every journal entry (including somebad ones about her…note – she’s a racist and I complained about it) on a site that you have to be a member of to read the entries, see member pages, etc.. (yes, I changed the passwords on ALL my frequently visited sites) and yes, after going to ther sites on their compy durning the Hurricane Ike evac, I clicked “Tools – Delete Browser History – Delete All” and they still got in…and the passwords were hard and in l33t.)”

HUH?  That last comment really got me thinking..   Is this person really a spammer or they were trying to make a point but I didn’t get it?   This was on the post When the going gets tough, tough feels like quitting
photo: dnorman

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52 Responses to “ Clever Comment Spammers ”

  1. Wow – yeah, they are getting creative and sound a bit more personal so it is harder to distinguish them. But that last one sounds real – it sounds like it was a comment made in the wrong spot or something. LOL. Who knows? I just reviewed the post it was on and it doesn’t seem like it belongs there.

  2. The points which you are explained is acceptable .But It’s tough to control them.unnecessarily entering comments.I read your post it’s good one ….The Articles are Excellent

  3. That last one is funny. It seems like it is out of place but I would have deleted it if it ended up on my website

  4. I’m glad that you hitting the spammers hard but I know how it feels to have to sort through a huge pile of comments. Unfortunately there is no really good way (that I know of) to avoid the spamming. Sure you can install these ugly things where you need to enter numbers or letters but I also feel that it’ll take away some of the real comments as people don’t want to do extra work.

    But anyway… glad you’re hitting on them. ;)

    Mikaels last blog post..Banfield Pet Hospital Reviews

  5. And there we go.. @Dharmendra left another junk comment and it fooled Akismet! But his links have been made ‘no follow’!

    @teeni: The problem is you end up reading the whole darn thing and then have to think if it’s someone really trying to participate in the discussion – such a waste of time. My mind wandered off on a tangent (it was after midnight when I was reading this) I was thinking, with this kind of nephew in the family, no wonder the aunt is frustrated and is being bad on the computer.. who knows? lol

    @Sally: I deleted it after a few days but if someone is leaving comments that are not making sense but they just want to get a link because this blog is “do follow”, I’ve started making them ‘no follow’. Thanks for stopping by.. hope you start blogging too

  6. Agree, the spammers are getting more personal nowadays.
    Fortunately I don’t get that much spam, hardly any more automatic spam thanks to my changed in the comment form that I wrote about on iBit: Fighting Spam without Captcha

    The latest spam comment that I got was: “Hi, good post dude, Your theme is really interesting Man!.. Keep rocking!” This spammers definitely got the gender wrong ;)

    inspirationbits last blog post..Striking Web Sites with Font Stacks that Inspire

  7. @inspirationbit I get that one a lot too.. “dude you rock” .. perhaps only guys blog in their country :D

    pearls last blog post..Clever Comment Spammers

  8. Sometimes its fun to take an obvious spam comment, put it in quotes and search on Google to see how many times they have used it. Because spammers are lazy, once they find out what works they get out the cookie cutter and go to town.

    Marks last blog post..Paper Roses for a First Wedding Anniversary Gift

  9. Thats good that you are hitting the spammers. you hv found a impressive way of doing that..

  10. This is becoming more of a problem, and it’s obvious that the spammers are trying to be more creative in their methods. At this point you really need to have some sort of hurdle to jump over, such as Captcha, just to keep the numbers reasonable.

    Global Patriots last blog post..Remembering a Great Friend

  11. I think I’ve mentioned this in a comment on your site before, but a majority of these problems are solved for me by using the Spam Karma plugin.

    I don’t use Akismet, but if I’m not mistaken, it depends on the content of the comment to judge its validity. The great thing about Spam Karma that it uses other tests as well, which are only possible because the script resides on your own site.

    For example, it counts how long it takes after a page is loaded for the comment to be posted. Most automated spammers use “robots” to post the comment, which means that time ends up being 2-3 seconds. A normal human being obviously can’t read a post and put up a comment in that time, so it marks it as spam. It also tests whether the browser has Javascript enabled and a bunch of other things.

    I have found it to be quite effective. It can obviously still be fooled by an actual human being coming to the site and posting a real comment with a single link in it, for example. I get this sort of spam occasiionally … mostly some of my own dumb countrymen trying to sell their supposedly high-class high-tech IT companies and services (how that is supposed to work, I have no clue). I usually delete these comments, but if they have actually said something that’s vaguely relevant I keep the comment and delete the link. As the webmaster, that is your perogative.

    Spam is not going away anytime soon, so I guess we each just need to come up with our own ways of dealing with it.


    Samirs last blog post..Twitterpated With Twitter

  12. lol Pearl
    great pic and I can so relate…
    spammers are getting harder to suss out !!! grrr
    I usually have to follow the link to double check if they are genuine …
    the ones that copy other bloggers comments are easy to delete though….
    it is a pain and I agree very time consuming having to check them out

    laketreess last blog post..Top Dropper Day

  13. I like the ones that take an old comment that I made and rewrite it as if it was their own comment.

    Spam Karma sounds like a good pluggin, I might have to give that one a try.
    If I find myself getting a ton of comments from bots, I will enable the captcha until they drop me from their list, then I disable it…really hate to make people use those things.

    Adams last blog post..10 Reasons to go Dofollow

  14. Ha! I got all of these too, but what disturbed me the most was the one with WordPress templates. I even checked their site and I found the most horrible WordPress themes you can think off: poor coding, ugly layouts.

    The “great post, mate” type of comments are a constant presence and what really annoys me is that, despite my clear comments policy (I am talking about eWritings) they still put their keywords in the signature link. I don’t even bother approving or delinking such comments anymore. I send them straight to spam, despite the message they convey.

    Mihaela Licas last blog post..GroundFloor Media to Represent Bellco Credit Union

  15. LOL, did you see the comment to this entry from “logo design contest”? They got the message all right.

    Mihaela Licas last blog post..GroundFloor Media to Represent Bellco Credit Union

  16. @Mark – I’ve never thought of googling spam comments but that’ll waste more of our time and I wouldn’t want spammers to have fun at our expense! they must die! ;)

    @logo design: thanks and I’d love to hear from you on what else we can do to get rid of them…

    @Global Patriot: I’ve been distracted off late but will take care of it soon as I love my blog and cannot let these guys have fun at it’s expense.. thanks for stopping by Mark..

    @Samir: Are you tired of seeing my spam rant? :) I remember you mentioned Spam Karma and I even looked for it on wordpress codex but couldn’t find it. Googled it and found it but haven’t installed it yet and will do it before the end of the day today! Your own dumb countrymen? How rude!! :P Actually I get a lot of spam from your countrymen too, I’d refrain from calling them dumb though :) they are all dumb spammers!!

    @Kim: I loved this picture and totally get it.. I do check them out too before deleting but it’s become very time consuming and lot of times it’s someone’s niche site that they want to get a link back to but still, the comment has to make some sense and has to be relevant – I’m thinking of making this site nofollow for a while and see what happens

    @Adam: Like people above said, spammers are lazy, dumb and stupid! What dyu mean ‘until they drop me from their list’? you mean readers? I’m also afraid of that but we’ll have to see how this plays out

    @Mig: I hope he (the logo guy) lets his friends know too :) I’m going to be a bit stern with them too and start deleting them now!

    Pearls last blog post..Clever Comment Spammers

  17. I use a three fold approach.

    1. I feel completely free to remove anything I don’t like.
    2. I feel completely free to remove anything where the link leads to a spammy feeling site (say a landing page).
    3. I feel completely free to remove off topic comments.

    As an add on to #2 I will sometimes remove the link if the comment was good.

    That works for me but I also have a lower count of comments even being a naturally do-follow blog.

    Lord Matts last blog post..The .TEL landrush is about to start

  18. I’ve gone to moderating comments before they appear on my blogs. I used to just handle them once every few days and delete as needed, but lately spam has gotten so bad, and like you’ve pointed out hard to recognize, that it’s easier just to set aside 20 or 30 minutes a day to moderate them.

    Lots of times someone will leave a legitimate looking comment having to do with the topic but with a spammy link. In that case I’ll keep the comment and remove any links/mention of domain names. We all know more comments mean more “life” on a blog so why not keep what I can?

  19. Quite some time ago, I was receiving about 10 to 20 spam comments an hour, which kept getting by the spam filter. In response I activated the Captcha. After about a week, the comments ceased and I deactivated the captcha.
    When I activated the captcha, I also wrote a little explanation and let the regular visitors that I would be deactivating once the spam attack ceased.

    Adams last blog post..10 Reasons to go Dofollow

  20. I got a lot of spam on my blog before I activated Akismet, but some of the kind you mentioned in your post still get through. I agree, spam can be hard to decipher, but you shouldn’t spend so much time on it. If something seems overtly sensible and such, I think it should be kept. I think some of my posts might have been deleted in your crusade, though. Just because I have a keyword name doesn’t mean I’m a spammer! Behind this name I am a human with feelings, and they have been hurt. I’m just kidding.

  21. I’ve been getting too much comment span and installed askimet. It really works but it catches a lot of legitimate comments and deletes them after 15 days. Do you use a spam plugin or do you review all the comments manually.

    Los Angeles Blogs last blog post..Home Depot Center Job Fair Carson Los Angeles

  22. With WP-Ban plugin you can be able to ban full, partial or certain IPs, hostnames, country codes and more..I’ve banned few set of IPs from where I get bunch of spams.

    omas last blog post..Validation- A Short Film

  23. Hi Pearl,
    I agree with the person who said they used “Spam Karma” plugin.
    You need to add an additional filter with Akismet, it just doesn’t get the newer spam messages for a few weeks, once they get hit though Akismet catches up as users report the spam comments. Which makes it a good long term continued solution. I haven’t tried Spam Karma but I use WP-HashCache which is great because A. It isn’t captch and B it uses a simple script to fool most bots. Once it’s tagged it ends up in your Spam comments and not on your blog and you can generally safely delete every comment in which hash cash indicates an invalid response. And best of all C. Real users who actually use a browser don’t have to enter anything hash cash is looking for bots and basically blocks all non browser comments, so you don’t annoy your real visitors.


  24. @Matt: I’ll be a bit more stern with the spammers now onwards..

    @snakes: I wonder how much time these guys have to do this.. sometimes I get 6 or 7 comments in a row from the same IP! ofcourse, they always get banned…

    @Adam: Today’s been a good day although I haven’t logged in yet to see what didn’t get through.. I also installed another plugin for added security

    @Airsoft: sorry if I ever hurt your feelings but on a blog that talks about fresh perspectives about self improvement and social networking, having links to airsoft guns and grenade launchers does sound a bit odd, doesn’t it to you? :)

    @oma: thanks for the link to that plugin, I’ll look into it soon

    @Glenn: thanks for the link Glenn.. I installed it last night and haven’t seen any spam yet – a couple of them did go in the moderation queue so hope this’ll work… I’ll also be installing the other plugin mentioned above.. I hope they don’t interfere with each other

    so now I have Akismet, WP-hashcash

    will be installing spam karma and WP-Ban and I’m hoping for a trouble free life! wish me luck! thanks for the input guys…

  25. Sometimes it is hard to detect comments that are Spam.
    I think the best way is to see if it is relevant to what was written in this particular post. If the comment is too general – it is suspicious.

    Jasmin Wilson@Fashion and vintages last blog post..Fashion & Accessories

  26. blogs with really great information. Unfortunately there is no really good way (that I know of) to avoid the spamming. Sure you can install these ugly things where you need to enter numbers or letters but I also feel that it’ll take away some of the real comments as people don’t want to do extra work.

  27. Wow, you’re tough. Some of these seem well thought out. I hate those “nice info, thanks a lot” comments though. It really doesn’t take that long to make a meaningful comment.

  28. I get lots of comment spam and not that many comments really. It does seem like the web is full of people who’s only purpose is to spam blogs. They may be getting paid well to do this, but doesn’t this seem really boring them?

    Can’t spammers offer US some kind of reward for allwoing their spam. Howabout clicking a few of our Google ads (JOKES) or something like that. Maybe we should start a Spam For Clicks movement.. lol!

    dave sos last blog post..Bank of England rates slashed to 1percent

  29. well nice post…thanx for sharing…lol… i knwo its really too much.and it hurts when people dont read your post and just for their benefit they give some silly comment.once i have uploaded really nice post about golden mac book i have given the prices and all and got one comment back from a user…that what would be tha prices for this one? prices are even hilighted with bold font in the post…well what to say…anyway you have choosen really nice topic to talk…i wish this get most popular….all the best.

    @becky: call me paranoid but yours are the kind of comments that I get suspicious about! so Im sorry for I had to delete the link ;(

  30. Wow, that last one was something. I agree with Lord Matts tactics. I encourage comments but I do check them all one by one and if I don’t feel comfy with a comment for any reason I delete and forget it.

    On my hobby blog I kept getting this comment about how they were going to try my tactic on their blog. Ugh, what tactic about my favorite baseball player can you use on your credit card blog? Dude..

    Joeys last blog post..Get Free Business Cards from LogoYes

  31. @Pearl: If the comment doesn’t reference or quote anything from the main post, then I can it as spam. Becky’s post would have been moderated by me as well.

    How about trying one of the simple captchas – like the one that asks what is X+Y (eg 5+2). Those are less irritating that regular image captchas.

  32. I’m thinking that church marque was likely doctored, but all the same, I feel the same way about comment spam that I receive on my sites.

    Ginas last blog post..New-Jersey Coast Holiday – Flat Leases and Summer Villas

  33. I agree, let em burn. My blog got hit so hard I just gave up on it rather than go through the comments. If you change your blog to “no follow” links, will that keep the spammers away?

  34. Many sites have stopped using spamming software since many blogs have ways to detect these cheaters. So now they are hiring people in cheap countries like India to post comments for them. Some of these people are really good at making it look like a good comment while others are absolutely terrible.
    For my blog I just ask myself the question if the comment really adds to the discussion.

    Karmins last blog post..Hooray for Hairstyling Software

  35. The best way to judge whether a comment is spam or not is to look whether the comment is relevant to the post or not. I think many of the general comments are generated by some automated software.

    Sanavass last blog post..5 Credit Card Tips for Everyone

  36. Comment spam isn’t only annoying, it’s just stupid. Even if you’re commenting just for the links, how hard is it to skim a few posts, figure out the keywords, and post them in your comment with 2-3 sentences? Would comment spam be a crime under the “stupidity should be illegal” idea?

    Writers last blog post..Cherry Writing Desk

  37. i too had the comment “I think you are thinking like sukrat…” i have wondered for weeks who the hell sukrat is i what other side i should cover! These comments are very subtle, but they can be easily detected.

    Profumi Donna | Pinos last blog post..Le dodici migliori marche del 2008.

  38. I’m new to the whole blogging thing, but, I can’t believe that people would do something like that. Guess I need to get more into the “web” world and realize that not all people are nice. Guess I’m just a small town girl thinking like a small town girl who can leave her doors always unlocked. HO-HUM…what’s this world a coming to when you can’t even have a blog without having to worry that someone is trying to scam off of you.

    Shawnna McMainss last blog post..Symptoms of a Panic Attack

  39. LOL! What is the last guy trying to say?

    BTW, the best comment spam I received was when someone copied a comment I had already approved and just used the same text in their comment. I approved the comment but then I realized it was too similar to one I had already approved. (It was same). VERY clever :)

    Jeets last blog post..Article Content Provider – Article Directory

  40. Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so…it’s great.

  41. I’m a blogger myself, and i agree with you that its getting more difficult to spot the spammers. It is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves. I spend my time to try and make a post that will be helpful and informative to my readers, and then i have these moochers coming and dropping off crap on my site. Its really irritating. If you’re going to leave a comment, make sure that its something useful or has at something half intelligent to say.

    One thing i’ve noticed many bloggers doing, is writing a post specifically about their “no toleration” for blog spamming. it might help your site too.


    Discount Sunglassess last blog post..Harley Sunglasses: The New Mens Favorite

  42. It has also been really difficult for me too on my hubpage blogs, i receive a lot of them, i don’t really moderate them may be i should start doing that, so things won’t get out of hand.

  43. some people enjoy the spam as it makes their blog look busy, and it improves their traffic, but it is hardly the most appealing traffic to have. if they provide you with value added comments then you should be happy though. look at Flower Names post above for example, thats shocking.

  44. It truly is getting hard for website owners to detect spam comments these days…
    I myself dont mind if the comments are related to the subject (and you can see that the commenter actually READ the blog post), but if people who didnt even read the post just made a random comment, to get their link on a site, I’d rather delete it..

    Keep the fight up against the spammers.. ;)

    Christian Jessens last blog post..Expat forums and sources for moving to Peru

  45. Spammers are getting worse with each and every day. Than so much time is lost due to the clean-up operations on my blogs daily… And they are even trying to fill with spam the post of mine about spammers – LOL, and how smart are these morrons in this case?

  46. My blog too gets lot of spam everyday and most of the spam is from viagr.. casin… links..
    They will definetly go to hell.

  47. @Pearl: If the comment doesn’t reference or quote anything from the main post, then I can it as spam. Becky’s post would have been moderated by me as well.

    Captcha’s are great to moderate between spam programs and real users.

  48. That picture of that church was hilarious. I have a few blogs myself and it got so overwhelming to moderate all the comments that I decided to just eliminate commenting. I was somewhat disappointed, but I think it was the best situation. It gives me more time to focus on my actual blog, not comment moderation! Oh, that Howdy Partner one is funny. Thanks for writing this!

    Kirk Schroeders last blog post..Dream BIG, or Dream Realistic

  49. Where do people get these ideas from, I have a do follow blog and get so many comments from spammers – they waste my time as I have to moderate each one. I want to stay do follow but its difficult to justify spending the time on moderation

    Tom Fiberblends last blog post..Maldives Resorts

  50. what we have been really troubled off late was some posting bots used against our forum. was really sick and tired of them had to use some extra methods (extra methods=extra time=extra money) but finally we are successfully in keeping them away for our forums!

  51. The comments that stay at the top of your comments sections, the one I’m having trouble with is really big. And you can’t delete them like you can other comments.

  52. Comment Spammer bots are getting smarter nowadays and it can break through Akismet checking. The content of the comment is really look like above.