Online Profits Course is half-off just this week


Online Profits is a course in Internet Marketing, put together by Daniel Scocco of Daily Blogging Tips.  I have been exploring some aspects of Internet Marketing and there are many many people talking about different aspects of this animal but none of them seem to be covering ALL aspects ranging from

Selecting the Domain Names,
Business Principles,
setting up your website,
working with WordPress,
Web Design,
Online Business Models,
Selecting your Niche,
Blogging do’s and don’ts,
Online Forums,
Mini Websites,
Online Stores,
SEO Basics,
Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis,
Traffic Generation,
Social Media,
Email Marketing,
All you ever wanted to know about PPC,
Landing Pages,
and finally selling your products.


All of the above AND video tutorials, six month membership to private forums.  And what is special about this particular course is that it is put together by the very established people in these areas of expertise.

Michael Gray,  Neil Patel,  Yaro Starak,  Hamlet Batista,  Tamar Weinberg, Daniel Scocco,  Zac Johnson,  Courtney Tuttle,  Nathan Rice and Skellie Wag

I’m very familar with all of the above names except Hamlet Batista so I was really looking forward to signing up but felt the course was a bit expensive for me.  Afterall, I haven’t made my first $100 in adsense from this blog in all of the time I’ve been blogging – which is since April of 2007.

It sucks I know but then I haven’t had the time or circumstances conducive to take my blogging to the next level and couldn’t find any one place to get all the information until now.  So, I thought of signing up for the course at 50% off  ($48 per month) that is running until January 16th. I have been tempted but have still be thinking about it and then came the kicker

Today Daniel announced that the first 10 people blogging about Online Profits on their blogs,  would get this membership for FREE..  And if 20 people blog about the course, you still have a chance to win a free membership.  This left me no reason to think any more as I want that free membership. Wouldn’t you?

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16 Responses to “ Online Profits Course is half-off just this week ”

  1. I’m not sure it would be too much information if you wrote down the major topics and then researched them on your own later. However, if you’re a beginner and you don’t know what any of this stuff is you might be in for a very long day.

    I don’t think you can give even a 3 day seminar on building an online business and expect people to be able to really go out and start their own businesses online. It’s not nearly as easy as it sounds.

  2. That seems a little expensive for a mentoring program but I guess its all about what you get from it.. I have found that establishing personal friendships with like minded people works well as a substitute.. I like the name of your blog.. so open ended its impossible to run out of ideas! let me know if theres any way I can help

  3. this is really too much but very informative…i just wanted to know that all these parts are equally important or can we skip something? will it give the same result?

  4. It seems Online Profits has a lot of big players supporting it. And that’s amazing how much they cover; it really is comprehensive.

  5. Seems with the downturn in the economy everyone is trying to cash in on the making money online craze but you must remember it takse hard work to make it work.

  6. This seems like a great opportunity for you. I’ve been looking at a similar program from someone else and believe that the best way to learn something is to learn it from someone who knows what they are doing. That way, they usually can teach you the right way to do something and show you what pitfalls to avoid.

    I hope you get all you want out of your membership.

    Shawnna McMainss last blog post..Symptoms of a Panic Attack

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