Buy 5 Books for the Price of 1 at SitePoint – And Earn Some Good Karma


If you keep up with the world news or write a blog,  you must have heard about the massive fires in Australia where  the death toll has risen to more than 300 in just a few days.   It is times like these I feel blogging is a worthwhile activity which tends to unite humanity.

In an effort to help victims of these fires,  SitePoint has decided to give away 5 books for the price of 1 and donate ALL the money to the victims.   Their goal is to raise $50,000 and donate it to Australian RedCross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

There is a wide selection of books to choose from.  Here is what SitePoint’s website says:

We’re offering our entire range of books — from PHP to Project Management — for the sale; designers, developers, freelancers, managers, and business owners alike will all be able to choose a selection of professional books to enjoy.

If you or someone you know can use these books, then this is a very nice deal as combined these books are worth some $150.. and you only pay less than $30, and the best of all, you feel good making a contribution to help someone in need.     Here are some horrible pictures from an Australian news site.

fire-ravaged street in Marysville
fire-ravaged street in Marysville


Burnt out letterboxes remain
Burnt out letterboxes remain

When I came across SitePoint’s post this morning, I was watching CNN and the bushfire news segment was on and I instantly bought the following 5 books:

The Photoshop Anthology
The Art and Science of CSS
The Principles of Successful Freelancing
Build of your own website the right way
The HTML Utopia

They also have books on flipping websites, and more techie PHP,  JavaScript and AJAX applications for the techie minds.  Perfect opportunity to earn some good karma.

UPDATE: This deal ended on Friday Feb. 13th, 2009.

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14 Responses to “ Buy 5 Books for the Price of 1 at SitePoint – And Earn Some Good Karma ”

  1. Great! Thanks, Pearl! I’ve bought my 5! :) that’s really a great deal for bookworm like me. Thanks again for this deal!

    Kens last blog post..White Elegant Miseal Mini Palm Sized Projector

  2. Glad you pitched in Ken.. I’m sure you went for the most techie ones :-)

  3. awww too bad they only have techie books. if they had literature, i’d already have bought loads.

    gabys last blog post..Men who wear guyliner

  4. That is so kind of you Pearl. May God bless you and all those who helped for the cause. It’s always a great feeling to see people helping each other.

  5. Thanks for the post. Bookworms like me will take advantage of this offer for sure.

  6. A greeting from Spain. Passed by this blog by chance and liked his ma and wave energy. Enjoy your meal and continue. King

  7. The Australian charity fundraising for this tragedy has gone well over A$80 million. It has shocked everyone here in Oz; meanwhile we are still having massive floods in Qld and NSW, but few deaths, fortunately. Today, a firefighter in Vic died when a dead tree fell on his truck.

    Rosie Peterss last blog post..Want Power Before Willpower to Lose Waist Fat

  8. This was a great deal and I got the books. Plus it goes for a great cause. I haven’t visited in awhile. I’m glad to see your still blogging. Take care, Emma

    Emmas last blog post..Win Cash Or Prizes With Words To Know Version 5

  9. Wow. That sounds like a great deal. The Aussies definitely have my sympathy. I was in Alaska a few years back when they had massive wildfires, but the population is so sparse that while there were some close calls, there really weren’t that many people who were really badly affected. What’s going on in Australia is just tragic. I’ll definitely check out this deal to help out. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    Shane Daytons last blog post..Freelance Writing: Freelance Writing Movie Reviews Online

  10. This is a great opportunity to get some books and help out. I will read just about anything so I will gladly go over there and buy several sets if they will let me.

    Tracys last blog post..Valentines Day Special Karmin Titanium Only $75.00!

  11. I was too late, the sale has already finished, i’ve read the whole story on sitepoint, and i a m happy that we still have eager to help people, the world is not so cruel as we think.

    bloginsanes last blog post..Sunken Gold Treasure

  12. Hi folks,

    I see you’ve used my photo without permission as part of your campaign. Unfortunately that’s a breach of copyright. I wonder if you could email so we can sort it out?


  13. Hi Chris

    Ive emailed you on the address you provided in this comment and am waiting to hear from you.


    pearls last blog post..Carnival Of Healing #185 – It’s all about having courage

  14. I’m a bit late with this one so can’t buy these books, however I was in Australia at this time and was affected by the fires – I donated at the time. It was such a sad event.