Wanna know more about your twitter followers?

You know there are tons of apps to make it easier for you tweet and know what your ‘friends’ and influencers are doing or saying on twitter but If you ever wanted to know little more about the people who are listening to what you are tweeting about, there is this neat little service called TwitterSheep where you put in your tweet id and it goes through your followers’ profile information to spit out a tag cloud that gives you some idea of what they are all about.  This may not be an exact and probably changes on a daily basis as your stats change based on who leaves your network and who joined.  But still, it was fun to see it.    I was kinda glad to see my followers are in the areas of my interests, social media, entrepreneurship, marketing and of course blogging. 


How about your followers?   The site doesn’t require your twitter password so you can be sure it’s safe! 

Pearl's TwitterSheep




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35 Responses to “ Wanna know more about your twitter followers? ”

  1. This is really good. Lately, I have been getting some new followers as a third party social bookmarking website signed me up for twitter. I had no idea bout twitter, but it has become HUGE. I would love to find out more about my followers because this is good for marketing purposes :)

  2. Interesting find, Pearl. It actually fits in very well with some things I’ve been researching recently.

    I’ve been reading up on intelligent online technologies that sort through all the text information and do automated categorization and such. Very fascinating subject, and can provide soem great services without too much human intervention.

    TwitterSheep does just that. Right now to keep it practical it would seem they base their results only on the Twitter bios, but we all know people’s Twitter bios are not always a serious reflection of their interests. It would be inetresting to see a service like this expanded to actually studying the person’s last x-number of tweets, or seeing where their website link leads etc. I doubt anyone would release such a public service due to the sheer amount of processing power that it would require, but an intriguing possibility anyway.


    Samirs last blog post..How to Survive School With Your Beliefs

  3. Sweet. The most dominant words on mine were marketing, Online,Internet, Twitter,web, social, entrepreneur,and business.

    The apps for Twitter just never cease to amaze. Twoof Games being the most recent site…you can play games and share your scores with your Twitter crew…of course if you are a lousy gamer like me, your friends will not find it very competitive. I can see sites like this appealing to kids like my son though. Pulling in the youngsters is what its all about…more eyeballs for Twitter.

    Adams last blog post..On-Page Optimization – SEO Training

  4. Like the rest of you, I also have a twitter account and a dozen (or more) of my followers I do not even know. That is why twitter sheep will make me more at peace because I can check who they are and I can check common interests that we have.

  5. @Samir: TwitScoop does crawl people’s tweets to build a cloud of hot topics being discussed and it is also updated real time.

    @Adam: I didn’t know about Twoof Games yet, but that may also be because of my lack of interest in games but you are right, twitter’s momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all..

    @Andrew: like Samir said, I don’t think its a sure shot way to find common interests among your followers but it can give a good enough picture of what they’ve put in their profiles, which made me think to change my own profile to reflect some of my interests.

  6. I just joined twitter a few days ago so I am only just starting to understand how it all works and what other apps you can use with it. Thanks for pointing this one out. Jessica.

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  7. Very interesting – thanks for the tip and I was kind of happy with the result too. I even posted it on my FB account ;-)
    Yea; I know my Twitter goes there directly through my FriendFeed, but it was fun anyway.

    RennyBAs last blog post..Photo Meme on the Significant Four Seasons in Norway

  8. I noticed this big weakness with twitter as it is. You have no way of knowing what other peoples interests are. So what I do is just add people until I find people of interest. This way you can hone into them.
    Thanks for that.

    GregRs last blog post..Kiwi Lucy Lawless Judge Drag Queen Show (Video)

  9. @Jessica: there are lots of fun twitter apps, let us know which one you like the best

    @RennyBA: I’ll have to check out of your facebook page, I haven’t been spending as much time on it as I would like

    @GregR: I wish there was a better way to find more about them too but with limited number of hours in the day and with so many social networks out there, it’s just not feasible to get to know everyone’s ‘interests’ but based on their profile, this is a good one for the time being I say :) thanks for stopping by

    Pearls last blog post..Wanna know more about your twitter followers?

  10. Hey that is really cool!

    Mine were a bit like Adams – all internet marketing stuff.

  11. Twitter got me thinking that we are moving closer to telepathy, albeit in a non tradition way (not that telepathy is traditional -lol) These apps just prove my point.

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  12. mine are blog, marketing, seo, interney etc etc and a sheep :P

  13. Twitter will soon be the new Facebook. Watch Out. Gaining lots of traction on the internet.

  14. Thanks, this was very infomative, I’m going to get started useing Tweeter more. It looks like a lot of fun and it looks like I could utilize it to help market my online ventures.

    Tom Parkers last blog post..Catch some Z’s zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. I tried it with my twitter account and found out that most of my tweets are about love and blogger. I don’t know why but how do they measure this words to be clouded, by the density of your own twit or other’s twit?

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  16. This is really neat! I’m running all my friend’s usernames through it, just cause….well, I don’t know. Really cool though. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Nice find. TwitterSheep looks cool.

    I wish there was a way to take the groups of users in the tag cloud and import them into TweetDeck groups. So you could message people based on similar interests.

    hmm… my twittersheep job just completed… I thought I would be able to see the users when I clicked on a topic on the tag cloud. Guess not.

    Beths last blog post..Cheap Flights to Oahu

  18. @Beth: Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d say recommend it to them and may be they’ll build it in :)

    @Mike: you know I did that too just for a couple of people :D

    @Bleuken: the density of tags or words in the cloud is based on frequency of their occurrence in your followers’ profile description, so probably most of your followers are bloggers about love? :D who knows

    @stu: of course, Adam and you must have the same people following you, so it seems to be accurate

    @DSFlyman: lol who knows, twitter seems to be everywhere these days, and it might take over our minds one day and engage them in networking with each other when we are not even logged on :D

    @Argos: sheep!!! We are all united on that front :)

    @Russ: I’m not getting used to Facebook, it’s just too cluttered with all those apps and I cannot stand them..

    @Tom: don’t forget to follow me @tyropearl :)

  19. Well, I know what I’ll be checking out shortly.

    Lord Matts last blog post..Lord Matt is Hungry

  20. Twitter is strange beast but I agree that if your network is relevant to your topic of conversation (niche) it will be a lot more effective!

    Alexs last blog post..3 Mistakes That Kill You Blogging To Make Money Efforts

  21. @poster – that’s pretty cool, gonna check the sheep out. twitter is having loads of spin offs, i think that’s a real strong part of its success, it can be implemented into your site in many ways

  22. @Matt: So what did your twitter sheep reveal?

    @Alex: true.. I should check it again as I gain new followers! it’s a fun tool

    @Dave: True.. I don’t use it everyday but I start missing it after a few days :)

  23. TwitterSheep tool could be useful for me because for some reason I’ve started to got a lot of followers last few weeks.

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  24. I just started using twitter and I find this post very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    Mekas last blog post..Journey to Earning Online

  25. Hi Pearl. That’s pretty cool. There are so many extra things out there for Twitter it’s crazy. TwitterSheep seems a bit odd though. When I try clicking on any of the tags I just get more tags. It doesn’t seem to help me connect with my followers too well, but maybe gives me some insights.

    Hope all’s been well with you. It’s been awhile.

  26. It is very sensible post on twitter. I can find many sites and services now who are based on stats. They rate people there. Site in your post is really unique in stats.

  27. I love this tool. It’s really useful. I like to give my followers interesting content and updates, and now I can see what exactly most of them are interested in. I think this will make my followers very happy!

    Diet Blogs last blog post..Get the Better of Cravings

  28. I’ve tried very tools like this before but this one leaves them all behind. I love the stats. Very detailed.

    Herbals last blog post..Proactol Review – Top Customer Preferred Natural Weight Loss

  29. Mine are social, network, seo, blog and mainly writing.
    Nice tool, thanks for sharing.
    But I do not know what to do with this information. Can you give me a hint on how to use them?

    Ordanifer @ seo blogs last blog post..Getting Your Site Indexed

  30. That’s really cool. It’s so hard to keep up with Twitter followers so this is good info to know.

  31. This is a really useful tool and has given me an insight in to my audience on twitter – however i find twitter is taking up alot of my time and i’m not sure how much ‘payback’ i’m getting from it

    Tom from Herbal Fiberblends last blog post..Herbal Fiberbend Colon Cleanse

  32. That’s pretty cool. Isn’t it amazing what technology can do these days?? I’m always a little apprehensive about trying things like that out. I’m always afraid that I’ll get my account hacked into or a virus on my computer. But if you say its safe, I’ll give it a try!

  33. I love twitter- it has become so addicting lately! This is really fun to see what your followers are like in this form, and it really shows you what all your interests are and such- neat site!

  34. After reading this blog post of TwitterSheep, I’ve tried that app and found that it’s really wroth to use if you want to know about your twitter followers. I think mrtweet is same kind of twitter app which tells you about your followers and his/ her favorites. Thanks for sharing TwitterSheep.

  35. You should target two types of individuals for your account. Individuals who are following cleaning-based Twitter accounts (offering cleaning advice) and Twitter accounts focused on your particular region.