Wanna know more about your twitter followers?

You know there are tons of apps to make it easier for you tweet and know what your ‘friends’ and influencers are doing or saying on twitter but If you ever wanted to know little more about the people who are listening to what you are tweeting about, there is this neat little service called TwitterSheep where you put in your tweet id and it goes through your followers’ profile information to spit out a tag cloud that gives you some idea of what they are all about.  This may not be an exact and probably changes on a daily basis as your stats change based on who leaves your network and who joined.  But still, it was fun to see it.    I was kinda glad to see my followers are in the areas of my interests, social media, entrepreneurship, marketing and of course blogging. 


How about your followers?   The site doesn’t require your twitter password so you can be sure it’s safe! 

Pearl's TwitterSheep




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35 Responses to “ Wanna know more about your twitter followers? ”

  1. That’s pretty cool. Isn’t it amazing what technology can do these days?? I’m always a little apprehensive about trying things like that out. I’m always afraid that I’ll get my account hacked into or a virus on my computer. But if you say its safe, I’ll give it a try!

  2. I love twitter- it has become so addicting lately! This is really fun to see what your followers are like in this form, and it really shows you what all your interests are and such- neat site!

  3. After reading this blog post of TwitterSheep, I’ve tried that app and found that it’s really wroth to use if you want to know about your twitter followers. I think mrtweet is same kind of twitter app which tells you about your followers and his/ her favorites. Thanks for sharing TwitterSheep.

  4. You should target two types of individuals for your account. Individuals who are following cleaning-based Twitter accounts (offering cleaning advice) and Twitter accounts focused on your particular region.

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